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2020 Review of SutiExpense





From the 2020 Reviews of Expense Management Systems.

SutiExpense from SutiSoft offers online travel and expense management. Designed to track both corporate travel and all related expenses, SutiExpense offers three plans that are well-suited for small to enterprise level businesses that need to track expenses easily.

In addition to its online application, SutiExpense offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, with the apps offering the same functionality as the online application.

All SutiExpense plans offer automated workflow, receipt capture, cost allocation, an export feature, custom expense categories, and OCR capability, with the top two plans offering additional features such as pre-trip requests, travel booking, and the ability to link a corporate credit card with the application. Recently added are features such as an auditor role, improved integration capability, automatic transaction categorization, and the ability to custom route expenses to specific approvers.

SutiExpense includes automated receipt capture, with users able to snap a photo of a receipt and email it to their account, where it is stored in the receipt repository until ready to be attached to an expense. Users can also choose to scan receipts directly into SutiExpense, where using OCR technology, the receipt data will auto-populate an expense report, eliminating the need to enter receipt information into the application. Receipts can also be submitted via email or fax. sutiexpense-screenshot-1[1]

SutiExpense offers multiple roles, with admins able to assign each user to a role, or multiple roles if necessary. During the product setup process, users can also set up the approval process, which can include a single approver, or multiple approvers and thresholds, depending on the size and scope of the business.  SutiExpense also includes multi-currency capability, with all foreign currency transactions automatically converted to the default currency.

In addition to business expenses, SutiExpense offers flight and hotel booking, as well as car rentals, and the mobile GPS app allows users to easily track miles. SutiExpense does not offer time tracking capability or employee timesheets. Businesses have the option to attach corporate credit cards directly to SutiExpense, with all transactions flowing automatically into the application, where users can choose which transactions to import, or just choose to import them all.

SutiExpense includes custom workflows, with the ability to set thresholds for each department for approvals. Alternate or proxy approvers can also be added to SutiExpense to be used in the event that regular approvers are unavailable. All approvers are notified via email when a report has been submitted for approval. Approvers have the option to edit or update any submitted report, with line item rejection available, which returns the rejected item to the original submitter while the balance of the expense report can continue on through the regular approval process, including reimbursement.

Users also have the option to set up specific business rules during the product setup process. These rules can include spending limits for specific departments, employees, or across the company, as well as approved per diem rates. If a stated policy is violated, or a submitted report exceeds pre-approved limits, the original submitter will receive a prompt to change the report in order to comply with the set rules.

Mentioned earlier, SutiExpense uses OCR technology, which can automatically extract data found on receipts. The extracted data will then populate any expense report that is being created, eliminating the need to enter data manually. During the expense report creation process, users can easily save any report as a draft, adding more details prior to submission. In addition, SutiExpense also includes intelligent voice capture capability, so users can speak expense details, with the information then categorized to the appropriate expense.   

SutiExpense offers good analytical reports that highlight employee spending, department spending and expenses, along with detailed reports on any expense category. Reports can be customized to suit user needs, or exported to Microsoft Excel for further customization.  Reports can also be saved as a PDF.

SutiExpense offers integration with numerous third-party applications including QuickBooks, FreshBooks, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Office 365, Sage products, Salesforce, DropBox, and SAP, with the ability to import expense transactions directly into the application.

SutiExpense users can access product support directly from the website and toll-free support is available during regular business hours, with email support available as well. Other resources available on the SutiExpense website include informational videos and whitepapers.  

SutiExpense is well suited for businesses of all sizes, with three plans available. The Professional plan runs $8.00 per user, per month, with a minimum pricing of $100 required. The Professional plan offers basic expense functions, while both the Premium and Enterprise editions offer additional features including travel integration, corporate card link, and eSignature approval. Pricing for the Premium and Enterprise plans is available directly from SutiExpense. A free demo is available for those interested in the product. 

2020 Rating – 4.75 Stars


·        Offers three plans

·         Good integration

·         Ability to add custom expense categories

Potential Limitations:

·         Requires a minimum number of users

·         Focuses more on travel than general expenses