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About CPA Practice Advisor

CPA Practice Advisor is the definitive technology and practice management resource for accounting and tax professionals. CPA Practice Advisor has products that deliver powerful content to you in a variety of forms including print, online, email and social media.

The magazine was founded in 1991 as The CPA Software News; was renamed The CPA Technology Advisor in 2004, and was subsequently renamed CPA Practice Advisor in February 2011, with a stated purpose to “more closely align the publication and its digital offerings to the changing needs of the tax and accounting profession.”

Along with its website, CPA Practice Advisor is a print and online technology media outlet for practicing public accountants and tax professionals. It covers technology issues as they relate to those professionals and their accounting practices, and to their interaction with small businesses and individual clients. The media outlet offers print, online and e-book versions of its print content, along with online tools, apps, podcasts and webcasts (which qualify for CPA-required Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

Both online and print content of CPA Practice Advisor is focused on reviews and comparisons of technologies and workflow practices that can be beneficial to tax and accounting practices that serve multiple clients. Reviews follow a 1-5 Star format, with 5 stars representing the top ranking a product may receive. Additional content includes topical features, implementation advice and serial columns contributed by members of the professional accounting community, many of whom hold credentials as a CPA (Certified Public Accountants), CPA.CITP (CPAs with the additional qualification of Certified Information Technology Professional), EA (Enrolled Agent recognized by the IRS to represent taxpayers), member of the NSA (National Society of Accountants), or PA (Professional Accountant).

The publication’s core staff is led by Publisher Barry Strobel, Editor-in-Chief Gail Perry, CPA, and Managing Editor Isaac M. O’Bannon.