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David Cardoza – 2019 20 Under 40 Honoree

David Cardoza_Headshot

David Cardoza

Head of ExpensifyApproved! Partnerships, Expensify

Career Highlights:

My career working in the tech space can be traced back to my days at Arizona State University managing Google Adwords and social media campaigns for local businesses and fortune 500 companies. I joined Expensify in 2014 after some coaxing from my colleague, Daniel Vidal, a previous 20 under 40 recipient (and former college roommate) and have been on the incredibly rewarding roller coaster ever since.

I came on to Expensify working as a generalist in many of the business facets. Recently, I have led up Expensify’s world-class ExpensifyApproved! partner program, overseeing the engagement of new Top 100 accounting firms such as PwC and Wipfli. I also have to give applause to the ExpensifyApproved! Team too, over the past year the team has worked tirelessly to create our partner training program, ExpensifyApproved! University. Making the new partner onboarding experience seamless through various training modules.

Favorite books/websites/speakers that you find influential

Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith has been an incredibly influential book for me. There are so many self-help books that offer self-help offering methods to motivate or processes to make an individual successful, Triggers is the polar opposite of those books. Instead, focusing on how we need to create and control our environment, otherwise, our environment creates and controls us.

What websites/magazines do you use to keep up on news of the accounting profession?


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