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Firm Management Launches Program to Help CPA Firms Reimagine the Future of Practice

cpa com logo is launching a multipart program to help CPA firms identify the potential change coming to the accounting profession and create new business models to adapt and capitalize on new opportunities.

The initiative, “Navigating the Future,” will include a collaboration with innovation expert Pascal Finette and his firm, radical. The program will use a mix of thought leadership, learning sessions and planning exercises to help firms:

  • Create business models for future success
  • Positively embrace disruption
  • Prepare the profession for exponential change
  • Shift their mindset to a more empowered digital focus
  • Engage in strategy-building sessions to design digital organizations.

“At, we’ve said for some time that the hardest part of dealing with disruptive change isn’t the technology piece, it’s change management,” said Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of “This program is designed to help firms take a longer, more insightful view on how to drive change.”

The program will kick off with a July 25 webcast, “Thrive in Exponential Times,” featuring Asgeirsson and Finette. Participants can download a kit after the webcast that will allow them to conduct their own planning exercises such as “disruption maps,” in which firms can play out the implications of change on specific business models and identify opportunities and challenges from those shifts.

Finette will participate in several AICPA events, including’s signature conference, Digital CPA, which will be held Dec. 9-11 in the Seattle area. Some of the findings of these explorations will be summarized at the conference.

The Navigating the Future program will also include several in-depth thought leadership articles on technology and change management topics. The first will be available this summer.

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