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Product & Service Guide

Rent Manager Property Management Software

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Rent Manager is a software system for both residential and commercial real estate companies. The financial accounting component of Rent Manager has full integration and includes standard functionality such as a general ledger with accounts receivable and accounts payable, payroll import, budget management and financial reporting.

Rent Manager is offered in two versions: an online version and a stand-alone version. The online version includes all the functionality of the stand-alone version, but with differences like automatic updates immediately upon release and bi-hourly data backups operations. The online version can be accessed remotely, and access points can be customized to restrict access to only specific parts of the system if the user chooses to do so.

The online version of Rent Manager also includes Web-based modules that are unavailable in the stand-alone version. These include Web access provided to residents, Web access to service managers and mobile admin. The online version has lower up-front costs, as the billing is conducted in the form of a monthly fee. Another key advantage of the online version is technical support where users share their screen with support.

The latest version of Rent Manager has been completely re-written to ensure leverage of the latest available technologies, rather than serving simply as an update of older versions. The system has been available since 1982, and has since been released in many newer versions with many improvements.