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Company Overview

Paramount Software Solutions is the first payroll technology company to offer a client service system truly designed for professional accountants. Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, Paramount develops a suite of web-based professional programs that help accounting practices, and their clients, be more productive and profitable. Through innovative technologies that streamline processing and reporting, document management, and collaboration between the practice and their clients, firms using Paramount’s solutions work smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

With a CPA as its chief financial officer and development partners that include external auditors, a large New Jersey public accounting firm and other accountants, Paramount knows what professionals want and need. That’s why Paramount’s staff is devoted to ensuring the highest security and quality of all of their solutions, and constantly strives to make them as “hands-free” as possible. The flagship Crest Payroll solution provides accountants with technology that automatically handles many time-consuming tasks and helps monitor reporting due dates and payroll accounting issues.

Markets Served

Paramount Software Solutions is dedicated to providing accountants and payroll professionals with the technologies they need to efficiently manage their client payroll needs. Crest Payroll’s streamlined workflow processes let the professional decide what parts of the payroll process their clients can participate in, with clients accessing interfaces that reflect the firm’s branding. Paramount Software does not market directly to small businesses and will never interact with your clients.


Crest Payroll is Paramount Software Solutions’ flagship technology offering for accountants. Crest was built from the ground up to be a professional payroll management solution for accountants and payroll service firms. Whether managing one payroll or hundreds, Crest’s features make it easy to stay on top of critical issues, process paper or electronic check runs at any time, and offer advanced benefits management tools for small and mid-sized businesses.

Completely Automated Payroll – At the heart of Crest Payroll is the most advanced calculation system for processing unlimited numbers of payrolls for any number of client businesses and at any frequency. With simple setup features that ease the processes of adding a new employee and determining their payroll status, rates and other options, payroll runs are automatically prepared, and checks or stubs can be printed at the accountant’s office or at the clients’. Dashboard views make it easy for accountants to stay on top of all client payroll activities. Any number of payroll groups or schedules can be created for each business, including for after-the-fact payroll management. Unlimited direct deposit is included, along with integrated check printing features that support electronic signatures.

Automated Compliance – With Crest Payroll, all federal, state and local reporting is automatically processed, and alerts and other reminders help keep the accountant informed of client account balances. Crest maintains all current payroll tax tables for all states and municipalities with payroll withholding. Crest can be set to automatically pay taxing entities, and also to remind the accountant and his or her clients prior to any payments being made.

Comprehensive PTO and Benefits Management – Crest Payroll includes full tracking of accrual-based benefits such as vacation, sick leave, holiday and other paid time off, as well as the ability to pay by virtually any pay type, including bonus/tipped, multiple rates, multiple cost centers and shift differentials. It can support an unlimited number of custom benefits and deductions.

Anytime Access – For You & Your Payroll Clients – Because Crest Payroll is web-based, accountants can access client payroll data at any time and from anywhere. Need to re-print a check on a weekend? Not a problem, because you can do it from home. Plus, the web-based data-entry screens enable the use of smartphones, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

Client Portals – Another feature of Crest Payroll is that clients can be given as much, or as little, control over their own payroll functions as the accountant wants to grant them. Some clients are more advanced than others, and with Crest, you can treat them appropriately. Those who you’ve granted permission can log into the secure system from your own firm website and enter employee time, add rates or perform other tasks.

Your Payroll Service, Your Brand – With Crest Payroll’s Private Label option, accounting firms can tailor the web-based payroll system to reflect only their own branding and messaging, with formatting and templates that reflect their firm’s website.

Employee Self-Service – Just as you benefit from allowing your clients to do some of the data entry, allowing employees to have self-service capability is another great time saving feature for your firm. Employees can log into the secure system and download prior paystubs, W-2s, 1099s, W-4s and other personal information. They can also access employee handbooks or any other documents that the client company wishes to make available on-demand to its employees. Employees can also fill in time-off requests, with the program automatically routing it to the appropriate supervisor for approval. Other features include employee evaluations, training management and expense reporting.

Keep Your Client Relationships Stop sending your clients and revenue to the major national payroll providers. Payroll is a core client service that keeps your practice in your client’s mind when they are considering other business services.

Total Customization Crest Payroll is the most flexible professional payroll system on the market, with customization features that make it simple to use and easy to keep on top of key client payroll data.

Cost effective Crest Payroll pricing is based on the number of active employees per client business, with all of the robust features of Crest included. With Crest, you get powerful but easy-to-use payroll processing, unlimited direct deposit, unlimited printing, complete control over reporting, automated compliance, expense tracking, HR features, employee self-service portals, and everything else for a single monthly fee that can be deducted along with payroll and employment taxes.

Be Up and running, Fast Crest includes wizards that can help your firm quickly setup clients from templates or by using other clients as a template. You can also import basic company and employee information using Excel templates to increase efficiency and productivity.

Unlimited Reports – Over 40 ready-to-use reports are available, including Payroll, HR and MIS. Plus, a Custom Reports Designer makes it easy to generate any number of reports using custom filters, with the ability to memorize frequently used output. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel and other popular file formats, and batch printing and electronic generation allows firms to manage reporting across multiple clients at the same time.

Other Solutions

In addition to Crest Payroll, Paramount Software Solutions offers eVault365, a powerful web-based paperless document management and collaboration system. With tools for assigning role-based access, document transfer, intelligent search and version controls, eVault365 was specifically designed for the needs of the professional accounting practice. Paramount also offers enterprise-level solutions for recruitment management and delivery management.

Customer Support

Full technical support is included with all of the products offered by Paramount Software. With a focus on quality across all areas of the company, Paramount knows that a technology is only as effective as the people who support it. In addition to toll-free live technical assistance, Paramount offers an extensive online support center.


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