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BQE Core – Automated Time Tracking, Billing & Project Management

All-In-One Practice Management Software for Professional Services firms, including integrated Accounting, Time Billing, Expense Tracking and Project Management.

Core - Powered by BQE

All-In-One Practice Management Software for Professional Services firms, including integrated Accounting, Time Billing, Expense Tracking and Project Management

BQE Core is powerful and simple practice management solution with a full range of functionality for time and expense tracking, billing/invoicing, and accounting capabilities and built in business intelligence reporting so you and your clients always have real-time visibility.

With 24 years of software expertise and designed specifically for professional services firms by industry experts, Core automates repetitive tasks, allows for streamlined collaboration, centralizes information, and offers incredible productivity insights. It consequently helps you stop billable time from slipping through the cracks, and greatly increase profitability

Core is cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere, anytime and even keep in touch with business through the free Core Mobile App. You never have to worry about software updates, and your data is secure. The à la carte pricing model means that you don’t need to pay for features you won’t use which makes it cost-effective for firms with seasonal employees or shifting demand.

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  • Dashboards: Unlimited, customizable dashboards to monitor KPIs and metrics including but not limited to: time, activity, client, and employee performance; effective pay rate; gross margins; earned value; and income and expense breakdowns.
  • Time and Expense: Intuitive time and expense tracking in multiple formats, from straightforward timecards to smart timers, lets you track all forms of compensation, including regular, overtime, sick, vacation and holidays. With each entry you can record unlimited notes about the entry, providing more information for you and the client.
  • Projects: Core offers comprehensive project management capabilities with multi-level submittal and approval workflows, forecasting tools, real-time tracking, Gannt charts and more.
  • Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Payments: Flexible billing functions include automatic billing, progress billing, ability to create invoices in either batch or manual mode, retainer invoices, recurring invoices, percent completion invoices, fixed invoices, hourly invoices, hourly “not to exceed” invoices, etc. Clients can pay directly from the invoice through the online payment processing
  •  Accounting: An integrated accounting center lets you write checks, reconcile accounts, generate financials statements, connect to bank feeds for automatic reconciliation, and more all in one place. Additionally, Core gives you the ability to create a customized chart of accounts, record journal entries, and print summary financial reports such as the Balance Sheet and Income Statement or detailed transaction reports. Additionally, there are virtually endless customizable report templates.
  • Mobile Apps: Core comes with free, fully functional native mobile apps for Android and iPhone to track time and expenses, manage clients and projects, and send out beautiful invoices with ease.
  • Integrations: Integrations with QuickBooks Online, MYOB AccountRight, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, and more make Core fit seamlessly into your business ecosystem.
  • HR: Automate and simplify those tedious employee tasks. Reduce admin tasks  by eliminating paper files and streamline employee record keeping. Enhance employer protection by storing all employee paperwork in one convenient digital location, so you have the right documentation easily accessible at all times. Protect and keep your business in compliance. Boost productivity with better talent by automating routine, repetitive tasks, Core HR frees up your time to focus on developing your greatest asset: employees. Core HR is a staff management software that streamlines your people workflow
  • Artificial Intelligence: Core intelligence gives deeper insights gives deeper insights into your business beyond questions and answers. Get work done instantly with just your voice. Forget using a computer, or sifting through reports. Converse with Core Intelligence about anything from company financials, to project management and get the information you need or the task you want done. Have your own virtual business analyst by staying informed about To-Do’s, staff performance and generating reports easily through any Google assisted device such as smartphones, vehicles, and Smart TV’s to name a few
  • ePayments: This feature will allow our users to accept electronic payments from clients. This allows Core users to send out “Payment enabled” invoices and emails.