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Cool Marketing Tips to Draw in HVAC Clients

Summer is an HVAC business’ busiest time of year. With that in mind, you have to think outside the box to reach your busy clients and prospects. What’s an accountant to do?

Summer is an HVAC business’ busiest time of year. With that in mind, you have to think outside the box to reach your busy clients and prospects. What’s an accountant to do?

Here are a dozen cool marketing ideas to help you draw in HVAC clients.

  1. Make sure your website is mobile ready.
  2. Complete your local business listing on Google and Bing with HVAV accounting services highlighted.
  3. Use HVAC humor in your online ads to draw in leads, like “When things heat up in your business, call in the pros to handle the day-to-day accounting.” Or, “Keep your cool this summer by outsourcing your payroll to us!”
  4. Prepare your ad budget to increase during busy seasons, January, March, and June, which means you’ll be spending more on PPC and CPC ads than in other months. During May 2018, in the U.S., they keyword term “HVAC accounting” had an average monthly search of 20 and cost over $18 per click.[1] If you’re using that term in your advertising, adjust for the increase.
  5. Send a summer promotional item they can use during those hot summer months or cold winter days, such as custom cold or hot packs, reversible screw drivers, drink koozies, water bottles, post-it notes, retractable rulers, or joint pain relief. Tie the promotional item to a marketing theme, such as sending joint cream with a mailer “Work with a CPA that understands your pain points. Payroll, QuickBooks, accounting, taxes, retirement, health care, expense tracking, equipment and inventory tracking, employee classification, and more. Call us today!”
  6. Leverage text messaging campaigns to share important tax updates, payment schedules, and meetings with clients.
  7. Conduct email research for HVAC contractors in your area. You can do this with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Search using Google’s Advanced Search Operator Function.[2] Once you have an email list, send an opt-in email to your list with a reason why they should opt into your text messages or email.
  8. Review your website HVAC services page to ensure you’re using long-tail keywords (phrases instead of a single term) and voice-based search terms, like “Who are HVAC accountants in my area?”
  9. Create a unique HVAC landing page on your site that offers up to three service benefits, a short form to draw in leads, links to your privacy policy and terms and conditions, plus a relevant image. Once created, point your online ad campaigns and some social media posts to the page.
  10. Consider a social media, paid promotional campaign or a short video ad with viral potential for Facebook or Instagram. Use humor to grab attention if your brand personality permits it.
  11. Host a summer “cool down” or winter “heat up” event with some of your other clients that offer a variety of services for HVAC contractors and business owners, such as insurance providers, lending institutions, spa services, work boot vendors, and more. You might even consider working with a travel agent to host a cool summer getaway or fun-in-the-sun winter trip contest.
  12. Speak at HVAC conferences. But rather than focusing on your services, focus on their pain points. Tell a story about a contractor’s paint point and how you helped that contractor to overcome it. At the end of the conference, be sure to have your case study available for download, easy reading, or video.

Bonus Tip: Consider writing guest blog posts (generally unpaid) in HVAC publications, such as The ACHR News, National HVAC and Refrigeration Insider Online, HVACR Business, Supply House Times, Engineered Systems Magazine, or Contractor Magazine.

Ultimately, your goal should be to create content one time and repurpose it for existing clients and leads whenever possible. Remember to keep their pain points and your solutions in mind for any content you generate. It will make the marketing effort easier, less time consuming, and a better return on investment.

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