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March 2018 Small Business Channel

Top Small Business Blogs & Social Media

10 Ways to Stay Inspired and Grow Your Small Business. Small Business Trends.

Cosmo’s Guide to Starting a Small Business. Cosmopolitan.

How to Budget as a Freelancer. Rieva Lesonsky from Corpnet blog.

Six Lessons to Take a Brand from Startup to Growth. Xero blog.

3 Signs a Tech Company Could be at Risk for a Telecom Audit. Tony Susak from Avalara blog.




Small Business News

Women in Senior Management Down 2%. There has been little progress for women in senior leadership roles in the United States over the past year, according to a new report based on Grant Thornton latest survey.

Ohio Manufacturers Worry Steel Tariff Will Cost Jobs. American manufacturers would end up paying higher prices for steel and are worried it would make their businesses less profitable.

79% of Business Execs Optimistic on Economy. Seventy-nine percent of business executives said they were upbeat about prospects for the economy, eclipsing last quarter’s post-Great Recession high of 74 percent.

When Should Business Owners Consider a Fidelity Bond. Fidelity bonds can provide a compensation for monetary losses, as well as damages and losses to property and other assets.

How to Incorporate a Business in a Different State. Delaware is a highly preferred state in which to incorporate because it has the most flexible corporate statutes in the country and is considered pro-business.




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March 2018 Accounting & Audit Channel

Top Accounting Blogs & Social Media Quality Audits Begin with Quality Fieldwork. Bill Hatzos, Wolters Kluwer blog. Insights from My Visit to Google. Tom Hood, CPA, via LinkedIn. How the Accounting Profession Helps further U.N. Sustainability Goals. Russell Guthrie, Forbes. 5 Trends Driving Disruption in Accounting Profession. Samuel Edwards, Entrepreneur. Rock and Roll Might Not […]


Blockchain is a Database, Get Over It

There is a mania surrounding the blockchain technology which underlies cryptocurrencies– it is surrounded by a boundless enthusiasm, and based on the breathless excitement, one might believe that it is the cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and the ...