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2018 Review of PaySimple – AR Functions


From the 2018 reviews of AR systems.

Designed for the online entrepreneur, PaySimple offers simple payment processing capability, automating the billing, processing, and deposit of all payments. PaySimple easily processes electronic check processing, debit and credit card payments, eChecks, and ACH transfers, along with recurring billing.

PaySimple can also track invoices along with a host of other services, including the ability to track invoices. Users are notified via email when any transaction, such as a customer payment, takes place. A payment history is also available for users to access if desired.

All monies received are automatically deposited into a user’s bank account, with direct debit transactions transferred between banks immediately, while credit card payments are typically transferred into a user’s account in 24-48 hours of receipt.  

Along with accepting and processing electronic payments, PaySimple also handles recurring billing, with the system able to automatically bill a customer once billing data has been entered into the system. PaySimple can also be used as an online payment gateway, integrating with most shopping carts. PaySimple also offers an Online Store option, with users able to create an online presence and start selling immediately.

PaySimple also offers a mobile app that allows users to accept credit card payments on their mobile phone. The mobile app also syncs with the PaySimple account, eliminating the need to process data twice.

Businesses interested in PaySimple will need to fill out an application, with processing completed within 24 hours and users able to begin accepting online payments within three days.

PaySimple is a good choice for businesses looking to expand and automate their online payment options. PaySimple pricing is $49.95 per month, plus processing fees.