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February 2018 Small Business Channel

Top Small Business Blogs & Social Media

6 Business Lessons to Take Your Brand from Startup to Growth. Xero blog.

Online Brand Guidelines for Small Businesses. Barbara Weltman, via the CorpNet blog.

12 Key Levers of SaaS Success. David Skok, via For Entrepreneurs blog.

Top Tips for Negotiating with Restaurant Vendors. Annie Pilon, via Small Business Trends.

7 Types of Retail Experiences that Keep Customers Coming Back. Francesca Nicasio, via the Vend blog.




Small Business News

Small Business Owner Parents are More Optimistic About Children’s Future. More than 75 percent of small business owners with children under 18 believe their children will have a better standard of living than they do.

What are B-Corporations and L3C’s? A B-Corporation, is short for a Benefit Corporation. These B Corps, are for-profit companies that have been certified by the non-profit B Lab.

Small Businesses Upbeat on 2018. 80 percent of small businesses reported growth in 2017, and 63 percent believe their sales will increase in the new year. The annual index surveys over 500 businesses in the United States.

Nearly Half of Small Businesses Support Paid Family Leave. 48% of small business owners say they would support legislation requiring paid family leave, larger businesses are more likely with 78% indicating they would support legislation.

Office Workers Perform Better with Natural Light. According to a new study, workers in daylit office environments reported an 84 percent drop in symptoms of eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision symptoms, which can detract from productivity.




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February 2018 Firm Management Channel

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February 2018 Accounting & Audit Channel

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