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February 2018 Payroll Channel

Top Payroll Blogs & Social Media

Payroll Rates for 2018. James Paille, via the Thomson Reuters blog.

Creating an Employer Brand that’s a Talent Magnet. Connect@ADP blog.

What Your Accounting Resume Should Look Like This Year. Robert Half blog.

Are Your Employees Passionate About Their Jobs. HR Payroll Systems blog.

10 Common Payroll Mistakes Small Businesses Make. Patriot Software blog.



Payroll News

Are Starting Salaries Negotiable? In terms of gender, 46 percent of men negotiated salary compared to 34 percent of women. Workers ages 18-34 (45 percent) are more likely to negotiate salary than those ages 35-54 (40 percent) and 55 or older (30 percent).

How to Jumpstart Workforce Planning for 2018. The definition of workforce planning describes a continual business planning process. It’s a long-term, ongoing effort that expands as the organization grows.

Women Mentorship Programs Help Firms Realize Greater Success. U.S. accounting firms that use advancement programs for promoting women to leadership positions overwhelmingly view them as effective tools in recruiting and retaining talent.

7 Warning Signs Employee Morale is Suffering. Employers strive for a fair and equitable workplace to help attract and retain employees, drive productivity, and comply with federal, state, and local laws.

65% of CFOs Say Finding Qualified Staff is a Challenge. With the unemployment rate for college-educated workers at around 2%, employers are finding it difficult to recruit top talent in many professional occupations.




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February 2018 Accounting & Audit Channel

Top Accounting Blogs & Social Media Are You Too Busy to be a Proactive, Future-Focused Advisor? Tom Hood, CPA, via LinkedIn. New AICPA Chair Shares Vision of the Future. AICPA Insights blog. Re-Engineer Your Audit Process. Wendy Cable from the Wolters Kluwer blog. U.S. Treasury Official Says FDII Rules are BEPS Compliance. Robert Sledz from […]


February 2018 Tax Channel

Top Tax Blogs & Social Media IRS Warns about Private Debt Collectors. Rick Telberg, via CPATrendlines. Sales Tax Holidays in 2018. Gail Cole, via Avalara blog. IRS Alerts Taxpayers about Corrected Forms 1095-A.  From the Wolters Kluwer blog. State Corporate Income Tax Rates and Brackets for 2018. Morgan Scarboro, via the Tax Foundation. Higher Sec. […]