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February 2018 Tax Channel

Top Tax Blogs & Social Media

IRS Warns about Private Debt Collectors. Rick Telberg, via CPATrendlines.

Sales Tax Holidays in 2018. Gail Cole, via Avalara blog.

IRS Alerts Taxpayers about Corrected Forms 1095-A.  From the Wolters Kluwer blog.

State Corporate Income Tax Rates and Brackets for 2018. Morgan Scarboro, via the Tax Foundation.

Higher Sec. 179 Limits and Enhance Bonus Depreciation. Liz Farr, CPA, via Firm of the Future.



Tax News

IRS Conducted 3,019 Criminal Investigations in 2017. Focusing on employment tax, refund fraud, international tax enforcement, tax-related identity theft, public corruption, cybercrime, terrorist financing and money laundering, CI initiated 3,019 cases in FY 2017.

Some States Offer Businesses Discounts on Sales Tax Collections. Nearly 30 states incentivize timely filing by offering a sales tax filing discount to businesses that file returns and remit payments by the due date.

Estate Planning and the Tax Reform Law. The estate tax exemption and the gift tax work together in a sense that you have a unified lifetime credit for gifts, which match the estate tax exemption. The unified credit increases each year, along with the estate tax exemption.

IRS Expects 155 Million Returns in 2018. The IRS expects more than 70 percent of taxpayers to get tax refunds this year. Last year, nearly 112 million refunds were issued, with an average refund of $2,895.

Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Quill Sales Tax Ruling. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider a case that has the potential to change how states can tax sales by ecommerce merchants and out-of-state sellers.


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February 2018 Payroll Channel

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