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2018 Review of Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

From the 2018 review of Cash Management systems.

Sage Intacct offers a cloud-based financial management application that includes core financial modules such as GL, AP, AR, Order Management, and Cash Management. There are also a number of additional modules available, including Multi-Entity & Global Consolidations, Purchasing, Time & Expenses, Inventory Control, Contract and Subscription Billing, Contract Revenue Management, Spend Management and Project Accounting.

A good fit for those that have outgrown their current financial software, Sage Intacct is available by subscription, and users can choose to purchase the modules they need immediately, and add others at a later date.

Sage Intacct contains a Cash Management module, which offers a variety of features and functionality, including the ability to easily manage all savings and checking accounts, as well as all business credit card accounts. Users can also issue or record a manual check directly from the module, and transfer funds between bank accounts. The cash management module also allows users to easily apply a payment to a customer, even without an invoice issued.

Users can easily track assets, revenues, and cash on hand. The CFO Dashboard provides a variety of summary details such as Revenue, Profit Margin, Financial Ratios, a Profit and Loss Statement for all locations/entities, and a Cash On Hand graph to help the company better manage liquidity and growth. Sage Intacct dashboards may be tailored and also offers the ability to drill down to originating transactions for any item displayed on the dashboard. Multi-Currency capabilities allow users to easily track and manage cash flow for all entities. Sage Intacct offers excellent budgeting ability, with users able to easily import budget data from spreadsheets and other applications directly into the product. Users can easily compare planned cash positions to actuals.  

Sage Intacct allows users to import bank statements from financial institutions, with automatic reconciliation available. Unposted transactions are easily handled, and users can quickly post any bank charges and fees or record interest directly in the Cash Management module. All transactions entered in Sage Intacct are posted in real time, so all dashboards and reports will reflect the most up-to-date information available.

Cash Forecasting is built into the Sage Intacct Cash Management module by combining projected payments and collections to provide a realistic cash position for better decision making. Projected payments and collections are based on real-time transactions in the system. Users can drill down into the transactions from a variety of reports and dashboards.  

Sage Intacct is suited for small and medium sized businesses as well as larger enterprises. As companies scale and expand into international markets, multi-currency and exchange rates capabilities are supported directly in the Cash Management module. In addition to managing deposits and payments in foreign currency bank accounts, Sage Intacct offers built-in cash management revaluation capabilities to process unrealized gains and losses accruals.  

Sage Intacct is a completely integrated financial solution, with all modules designed to work together. Users can purchase additional modules at any time. Sage Intacct integrates to numerous business management, CRM, e-commerce, Inventory Management, Payroll, and Point of Sale applications. There is also a Salesforce Connector available in Sage Intacct, which allows seamless integration between Salesforce and Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct provides excellent network security, using Fortune 100-class data centers, which are monitored around the clock, and are able to provide full data recovery in the event of a major disaster. Sage Intacct also employs a two-step verification system, with the system timing out when not in use. Audit trail functionality is also available in Sage Intacct, with the system recording all activity, which can be viewed at any time.  

Well-suited for those in the global business world, Sage Intacct offers excellent financial and cash management capabilities.  

Overall Rating – 5 Stars