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2017 Review of RetailSTAR by CAM Commerce

RetailSTAR from CAM Commerce is best suited for niche retailers with single or multiple locations as well as a thriving online store.



CAM Commerce

RetailSTAR from CAM Commerce is best suited for niche retailers with single or multiple locations as well as a thriving online store. The company also offers RetailSTAR Lite, which offers the same functionality as RetailSTAR for smaller retailers. CAM Commerce also offers custom vertical market applications designed for apparel, footwear, hardware and paint, sporting goods, pharmacy, food and beverage, along with several others.

From the Sept. 2017 reviews of Point-of-Sale systems.

Designed to be installed on a local network or desktop, RetailSTAR offers easy system navigation from the main entry screen. RetailSTAR updated its POS interface in the last few years, with the new version of the interface offering more customization capability when creating custom buttons and color options. Each system user can also customize the product to suit their own individual needs and system access levels.

Users can quickly process a sale by entering product information or scanning the item. Search options are also available, so users can search for products by item number or description, and quickly access customer data as well. Both products and customers can be added on the fly when processing a sale, if desired. Users can set up hot keys for expedited sales processing. RetailSTAR also accepts multiple tender types, including cash, checks, both credit and debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, in-house charge accounts, as well as foreign currency and coupons. Users can also set up custom tender types if necessary.

RetailSTAR is designed for multiple stores and locations, with users able to set a location as a main location, and classify others as remote locations. The product easily handles a variety of transaction types including regular POS transactions, customer data management, layaways, special orders, holds, purchasing and receiving, distribution warehouse management, work orders, and payment processing.

RetailSTAR allows users to choose the device they wish to utilize for POS transactions, with the product supporting standard monitors, touch screen monitors, and barcode scanners.

RetailSTAR offers excellent CRM capability, with retailers able to easily track customer data, as well as manage customer purchasing history and habits. Users can also create custom sales and marketing initiatives, whether through general mail or email. RetailSTAR offers built-in gift card validation that allows retailers to assign reward points directly to the customer’s account, and apply points towards purchases.

RetailSTAR contains a comprehensive Inventory Management module, which allows users to manage stock, categorize products by department class, vendor, location, season, or any other category desired. The product supports multiple pricing levels for all inventory items, with complete pricing customization available. The inventory module also tracks product levels at multiple locations, with users able to make transfers between locations when needed.

RetailSTAR offers an excellent selection of pre-defined reports, or users can create custom report using the included Report Generator, which offers a report wizard and a series of report templates that work to simplify custom report creation. Reports available include inventory levels, product movement, best/worst sellers, a best customer report. The product also offers a series of customer related reports, including customer buying habits, buying history, favorite products, and a detailed payment history. All reports can be viewed on screen, printed, or exported to Excel for further customization if desired.

RetailSTAR integrates with all standard POS hardware, including cash drawers, touch screen monitors, signature capture devices, card readers, pin pads, and receipt printers and offers integration with UPS shipping. The product offers complete e-commerce integration, allowing users to feed any online transactions directly into RetailSTAR. CAM Commerce also works with a variety of partners that are designed to maximize the functionality of including POS and e-commerce solutions, inventory solutions, and customer tracking options.

RetailSTAR offers good help functionality throughout the application, with users able to quickly access the client portal from the application as well as directly from the CAM Commerce or RetailSTAR website. The portal offers access to announcements, upcoming webinars, training options and training videos, upcoming events, newsletters, and product updates. Users can also request support directly from the portal. Telephone support is also available during regular business hours, with extended support hours available on both Saturday and Sunday.

RetailSTAR is designed for small to mid sized retailers across multiple verticals.  The purchase model is available, as well as a subscription model for smaller merchants, starting at $100 per month for a single license.

2017 Rating – 5 Stars