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March 2017 Firm Management Channel

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  • Efficiency is Not Enough to Power a Successful Accounting Firm. The concept arises in articles, webinars and conferences. Accountants who have operated in a particular manner for years are now re-evaluating everything from services to marketing to communications and more, scouring each area for opportunities to simplify processes and amplify benefits.
  • New Phishing Scheme Shows Need for Stronger Data Security in Accounting Firms. This latest scam is just another step cybercriminals are taking to gain access to your firm’s and your client’s personal information so they can attempt to file and claim fraudulent tax returns.
  • Survey Shows Latest Fees for Accounting & Tax Firm Services for 2017. Firms reported that on average 57.3% of gross income comes from tax-return preparation, 15.4% from write-up work, 8.9% from payroll services, 7.0% from tax services, 3.6% from QuickBooks/bookkeeping, 2.6% from financial statement presentation, and 5.2% from other services.
  • French Firm ORIGA Group Joins PrimeGlobal Accounting Network. The French accounting and audit firm ORIGA Group has joined the PrimeGlobal network of independent accounting firms. ORIGA will join the association’s Europe, Middle East & Africa Region.
  • Atlanta Accounting Firm NBKJ Joins Carr Riggs & Ingram. The CRI-BNKJ merger strengthens CRI’s position as one of the nation’s leading benefit plan audit service providers. Collectively, the two firms perform more than 450 benefit plan audits annually.


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March 2017 Small Business Channel

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