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Kristin L. Ingram, CPA — 2016 40 Under 40 Honoree

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Kristin L. Ingram, CPA

MSAT Director and Clinical Instructor In Accountin
University of Hartford

Kristin L. Ingram, CPA
Sole Proprietor




Aside from the accounting websites, which blog/website do you consider a must-read?

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. As a busy professional and entrepreneur, podcasts are a great way to learn new things on the go.

In what ways have you contributed to your firm/company to make it better?

I am always looking for ways to innovate in education. I have created my own instructional resources and posted them on my site, I have my tax and research classes create blogs to write about tax topics. I have been honored to speak to my colleagues about online teaching and using blogging in the classroom.

In what ways do you participate in the professional community to change/improve the accounting profession?

I believe that improving the accounting profession starts with new accounting professionals. Giving accounting students exposure to real world examples from my experiences helps them understand the profession better. Many students have an inaccurate view of accountants as people who sit behind a desk all day. I want them to understand that much of what we do is interacting with clients to help them succeed in their businesses. We are trusted advisors, not just tax preparers.

In what ways do you participate in your local community to help others?

I have served on a number of boards for not-for-profit organizations and in government, including the Windsor Board of Ethics and Windsor Board of Education. I have worked with the Entrepreneur Center at the University of Hartford to provide free training. I also have a free podcast called Small Biz Life to help busy entrepreneurs juggle the many hats they wear and a website called Accounting In Focus to help accounting students better understand accounting concepts.

What changes do you foresee in the accounting profession of the near future (3-5 years)?

I think we will see a continued emphasis on specialization by professionals as the economy grows more complex. Accounting professionals must understand how to work with freelance, online, and gig-based businesses. We must also be on the cutting edge of technological changes if we wish to reach new clients. Technologies like podcasts, social media, and live video are changing the way we meet new clients and retain current clients.

How do you see yourself participating in shaping the future of the accounting profession?

In the Barney School of Business at the University of Hartford, we strive to help students become competent, confident, and connected in their chosen field of study. By allowing current students to see the possibilities in the accounting profession, their perception of the profession and what their lives can look like change. It is important for us to emphasize that soft skills and building relationships are important aspects of our profession.

What is your career philosophy?

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

When you dream big, even if you do not achieve that goal, you will be much closer than if you chose to not dream at all. Fix yourself on those dreams, learn the skills, develop yourself, and connect yourself with others.

Describe one person who has been an important mentor to you and how that person helped change your life.

Dr. Barry Broden, a professor at the University of Hartford, encouraged me to pursue teaching. He showed me the path, and while I took a slightly different path than the one he laid out for me, I was honored to serve on the faculty of the University of Hartford before his retirement. Without his guidance, I would not be where I am today. I hope to provide that same guidance to my students to help them achieve their dreams.



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