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Exact and QBExpress Partner for Accounting Firm Best Practices

Cloud business software provider Exact and QB Express have announced a partnership to create and launch QB Express’ new educational module for manufacturers.


Cloud business software provider Exact and QB Express have announced a partnership to create and launch QB Express’ new educational module for manufacturers.

QB Express tapped Exact’s unrivaled manufacturing industry expertise and online business software to develop its new Profit Improvement Process (PIP) for Manufacturers, an educational module with a monthly, step-by-step process and procedure that positions accountants to provide valuable consulting services and technology solutions to their own manufacturing customers. The PIP for Manufacturers is now available exclusively to QB Express’ community of accounting firms.

Manufacturers use Exact’s online business software to automate and manage production processes and ensure operations are lean. QB Express is the largest provider of QuickBooks® express training services in the United States. Its QB Seminar Systems is a network of QuickBooks consultants comprised of bookkeepers, accountants and CPAs who help small business owners learn the power of accurate numbers on which to base daily decisions. Under the partnership, Exact Online for Manufacturing is the exclusive business software in QB Express’ PIP for Manufacturers.

“At QB Express, we choose only the best-in-class technology providers as partners. When searching for a partner to help us create our new manufacturing module, Exact quickly became the obvious choice for several reasons,” said Kim Fedore, CEO of QB Express. “The quality of Exact’s software and its manufacturing industry expertise is unmatched. Only Exact understands the business management needs of both small manufacturers and accountants, and how to give the latter group the tools they need to effectively service their client and differentiate their offerings. With our new manufacturing module, accountants now have a one-stop-shop for all the technology and guidance they need to become a true business advisor to their own clients.”

A recent report commissioned by Exact found that the top ways accountants differentiate themselves from the crowd is by focusing on quality and providing good service and support. In the ultra-competitive accounting industry, accountants who utilize the PIP for Manufacturers get access to deep industry expertise that empowers them to help their own clients run their businesses more effectively – transforming them into indispensible, strategic business partners. They also gain the opportunity to offer Exact Online exclusively to their manufacturing customers and gain a new revenue stream. Both accountants and their manufacturing business owner clients who use the software can view business data in real-time and make informed business decisions.

“As core accounting functions are increasingly commoditized, accounting firms are being forced to innovate and diversify their service offerings in order to retain their customers and capture news ones,” said Kae Kronthaler-Williams, general manager of Exact U.S. Cloud Solutions. “Making the leap to providing business consulting services is easier said than done for most accounting firms. We’re thrilled to partner with QB Express to give accountants nationwide the practical tools and guidance they need to succeed today and in the years to come.”