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New Mobile App Helps SMBs with CRM and Client Engagement

vCita Mobile is an integrated, customizable client engagement and CRM app that enables small business to access information, perform critical client facing tasks, and quickly serve customers 24x7, while saving resources on routine tasks such as ...

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vCita, which makes client engagement platforms for small businesses (SMBs), has released vCita Mobile, a new solution built from the ground up to support on-the-go lifestyles of service-based SMBs – from coaches to accountants, doctors and home services providers. vCita Mobile is an integrated, customizable client engagement and CRM app that enables small business to access information, perform critical client facing tasks, and quickly serve customers 24×7, while saving resources on routine tasks such as scheduling, invoicing, and document sharing. The CRM app is uniquely integrated with the business website and email to empower clients to schedule appointments, book services, and pay fees online.

According to a December 2014 report from the SMB Group, a vast majority of small businesses now view mobile solutions as “critical” given the need to respond quickly to clients outside regular office hours. Likewise, a survey conducted by vCita last month across 300 small businesses indicated that 30% spend over half of their workweek on-the-go or at a client’s location, with 77% spending over ten hours away from their office and 70% expressing a preference to manage most client-facing tasks with a mobile app. Currently, these SMBs are forced to use desperate, one-off applications to manage these critical customer facing tasks via mobile devices – creating time constraints and drastic inefficiencies.  vCita Mobile was purpose built from the ground up to solve this dilemma, giving SMBs professionals constantly working outside the office the mobile management technology they need to efficiently run their business.

“Today’s small business service professionals are trying to squeeze as much productivity out of their workday as possible, while facing ever increasing competition where client response times could make the difference between losing and keeping a client,” said Itzik Levy, founder and chief executive officer of vCita. “When we developed vCita Mobile, this is the type of business we had in mind. The app’s business management capabilities maximize productivity, and our website, email and social network integrations ensure fast response to client requests, and unparalleled level of customer service.”

 “The new vCita Mobile app has changed my business and my life. Now instead of answering emails at 9 at night and listening to countless voice mails – I am free to be with my family,” said Matt Wallace of The Concrete Company, an early adopter of the technology based in Madison, Wisconsin. “I was impressed by how easy and intuitive it was for me and for my customers, and how much time we saved on back and forth communication, scheduling and coordination for each job.”

vCita Mobile is purpose-built for on-the-go professionals working outside the office or after hours with the following new capabilities:

  • Customizable Online Portal: Invite clients to a branded service portal where they can schedule appointments, pay invoices, share documents, and communicate online or on their phone.
  • Instantaneous Customer Service: Get instant notification for any client request from the web, email or social and immediately respond via the mobile app.
  • Everything In the Palm of Your Hand: Access all client information anywhere you go, including contact details, social network profiles, previous communication history, appointments and payments.
  • Synchronized Team View: Manage work schedules, assign client appointments to staff members and share information across your team.
  • Self-Service Client Scheduling: empower customers to schedule appointments and services based on team availability, reducing coordination hassles. Your staff can accept, reject or reschedule appointments right from their phone.
  • On-The-Go Billing: Create and email invoices outside the office and request clients to pay online or via their mobile device.
  • Automated Notifications: Set reminders for upcoming appointments, or send alerts to clients who require a follow-up at a specific time or warrant special attention.

“Having a Mobile CRM to manage all my communication and scheduling with real-estate agents is key to my success,” said DJ Paris, President of Marketing at Kale Realty in Chicago. “With the new vCita Mobile I get a notification for every newly scheduled phone call or meeting, even after hours, and can quickly respond, reschedule, or assign the meeting to someone else right from my smartphone.”

The vCita Mobile Platform is available for download in the Google Play and Apple App Store.