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Christopher M. DeMayo – 2014 40 Under 40


Christopher M. DeMayo, CPA, MBA – 33

Partner/Team Leader
WithumSmith+Brown, PC
Morristown, NJ


What are the key areas of your firm that have seen the greatest change/challenge in workflow over the past few years?
I think one of the biggest challenges I see, not only in my own firm but firms across the country, is succession to new generations, in addition, managing generational differences. Our younger workforce are in many ways inspiring, but certainly see the world differently than those in the later stages of their career.  Working through the challenges and opportunities that this presents needs to be a major focus of firms in the near future.
To what extent have you and your practice/company embraced cloud computing?

One of the virtues that our firm has, which I am very proud of, is our adoption of new technology. With that in mind, we have fully embraced cloud based products in many facets of our practice, and have enjoyed meaningful successes in the pursuit of efficiency and improved processes.

In what ways have you contributed to your firm/company to make it a better place?

I think one of my fundamental goals in practice and professional development is to be an agent of change. I hope that my colleagues would agree that one of my contributions to my firm is helping be a catalyst for change and growth within the firm over a wide variety of firm initiatives.
In what ways do you participate in either the professional community or your local community to help others?

I spend a fair amount of time teaching and developing staff, I was also an adjunct professor at a local community college.
What major changes do you foresee in the accounting profession of the near future (3-5 years)?

I think we will see accountants within the profession continue to focus their efforts on becoming “subject matter experts” within specific industries. As buyers of our services become more sophisticated in their ability to search for and find CPAs that “know their space”, CPAs will need to respond with greater knowledge and focus within those industries. I also think we will see the importance of a firm’s geographic location diminish in favor of industry expertise.

How do you see yourself participating in shaping the future of the accounting profession?

My hope is that I can contribute to our profession by trying to raise the bar of what we do. By that I mean, being more than just a “service professional”; truly being value provider and trusted advisor.

What is your career philosophy?

My career is not checkers, its chess.

Not including your current employer, what company do you most admire and why?

Amazon, they are relentlessly focused on improvement, invention and innovation.

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