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Document Management

Thomson Reuters — FileCabinet CS



2011 Overall Rating 4.75

Best Firm Fit:

There is no question that the ideal firm to implement FileCabinet CS is one using the other CS Professional Suite of applications: UltraTax CS, Accounting CS, Engagement CS, etc. The system was designed from the ground up to be a repository for documents and reports generated by the CS Professional Suite of applications. On the other hand, the value of FileCabinet CS is significantly diminished if you don’t use any other CS applications.


  • Depth of integration with other CS applications
  • Virtual Office CS hosted option
  • 1040 source document recognition
  • Client folder template
  • Document e-mail options
  • Integration with NetClient CS portal

Potential Limitations:

  • Files are stored in a proprietary format
  • Value is based on integration with other CS Professional Suite applications
  • Workflow functionality is primarily in Practice CS

Executive Summary & Pricing

For firms using the CS Professional Suite of applications, selecting FileCabinet CS is an excellent move. Firms should take time to learn about the depth of functionality in the NetClient CS portal, as it extends the value of FileCabinet CS by providing a valuable client information and application center. Pricing for FileCabinet CS is $1,500 for the initial first year license, plus $500 for the first bundle of four network users and $250 for additional sets of four users. The optional NetClient CS portal solution is sold separately.

Product Delivery Methods:

_x__ On-Premises

___ SaaS

_x__ Hosted by Vendor


Core Product Functions/Features – 4.75

Document Workflow – 4.25

Document Control – 4.5

Special Features – 5