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Conarc — iChannel


770-849-0508 x116

2011 Overall Rating 4.75

Best Firm Fit:

Although it can be deployed at firms of any size, due to the breadth and depth of functionality, iChannel is best suited for mid-size and large firms. It also has significant flexibility to be configured for many different types of organizations, so firms with niche services will be able to deploy iChannel across the enterprise with different configurations for different work groups.


  • 100% Browser-enabled
  • Option for hosting, on-premises, or managed server option
  • Integrated portal & workflow functionality
  • Breadth & depth of CRM functionality
  • Single bundle pricing model
  • Integration with Windows Active Directory

Potential Limitations:

  • Depth of functionality may overwhelm a small practice
  • Not part of a suite of accounting, audit & tax applications

Executive Summary & Pricing

If you are looking for a robust DMS solution that is highly configurable and designed to work across the enterprise, then you should take a close look at iChannel. The CRM functionality that provides the foundation for the system may be worth the price alone, especially for firms who want to get a better handle on managing client and contact information.

All of the iChannel applications are bundled for a single price of $540 per user for up to 30 users; volume discounts are provided after that. The annual maintenance fee is 30% in consecutive years.

Product Delivery Methods:

_x__ On-Premises

_x__ SaaS

_x__ Hosted by Vendor


Core Product Functions/Features – 4.75

Document Workflow – 4.75

Document Control – 4.75

Special Features – 4.25