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National Society of Accountants Announces 2014 Scholarship Winners

A total of 33 students have earned scholarships from the National Society of Accountants (NSA) Scholarship Foundation. Together, they will receive $34,450 in scholarship awards.

The National Society of Accountants' Scholarship Foundation has announced the 33 recipients of its 2014 scholarships. In total, they will receive $34,450 in scholarship awards.

The Foundation has provided more than $1 million since 1969 to deserving undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to pursuing a career in accounting, helping to develop more qualified young accountants.

The scholarships range from $500 – $2,000. Recipients were selected on the basis of an overall outstanding academic record, demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities, honors, work experience, stated goals and aspirations, and financial need.

“This support is critical to help ensure that we encourage young people to become accountants and provide a steady stream of new talent into the profession,” explains NSA Scholarship Foundation President Matthew C. Lewis, EA, ATA, Delta, CO.

The 2014 scholarship recipients are listed below with their universities, the NSA Affiliated Organizations or the named scholarships that provided funding, and the amount of each scholarship:

Alana Ascanio
Florida International University
Florida Society of Accountants: $500

Emily Babski     
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Alessandra Baixeras      
University of Miami
Florida Society of Accountants Peace River Chapter: $500

Adam Cebulla
University of Mary
Montana Society of Public Accountants and the North Dakota Society of Accountants: $1,500

Rachel Chaney
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
North Carolina Society of Accountants: $1,200

Tiffany Chen
University of Portland
Oregon Association of Independent Accountants: $1,000

Yvonne Clark
Eastern Washington University
Washington Association of Accountants: $1,000

Travis Cortez    
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Alaska Society of Independent Accountants: $500

Mallory Coulombe
Southern New Hampshire University
New Hampshire Society of Accountants: $1,000

Matthew Daddario
Daemen College
New York Society of Independent Accountants: $500

Daniel Dunnigan
Saint Bonaventure University
Milton Brown Award: $1,000

Rebecca Galindo
University of Southern California
Steven Desdier Memorial Award: $1,000

Robert Gilmore
Southeast Missouri State University
Missouri Society of Accountants: $1,000

Katelyn Goettl
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Millard D. Ashley Memorial Award: $1,000

Anna Hauer      
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wisconsin Association of Accountants: $500

Jordyn Herzog
Carroll University
Wisconsin Association of Accountants: $500

Meredith Keeton
Belhaven College
Ronny Woods Memorial Award: $1,000

Jessie Levno     
Eastern Washington University
Stanley H. Stearman Award: $2,000

Allison Nelson
University of Wisconsin-Superior
Wisconsin Association of Accountants: $500

Eric Nielsen
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Nebraska Society of Independent Accountants: $1,000

Ashley Ortiz      
Arizona State University
Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants: $2,000

Allison Richter
Drake University
Accountants Association of Iowa: $1,000

Kristen Rohrer
Eastern Illinois University
Independent Accountants Association of Illinois: $1,750

Aaron Rosipajla
University of San Diego
Public Accountants Society of Colorado: $1,000

Zoe Scheve
Iowa State University
Accountants Association of Iowa: $1,000

Hannah Sick
Lock Haven University
Pennsylvania Society of Tax & Accounting Professionals: $1,000

Samantha Sgroi
Lasell College
Maine Association of Professional Accountants: $1,000

Jasper Stewart
University of Arkansas Main Campus
Arkansas Society of Accountants: $1,000

Katrina Velasco
Washington State University
Washington Association of Accountants: $1,000

Kendall Williams
Alabama State University
Alabama Association of Accountants and Tax Preparers: $1,500

Zach Williams
University of South Alabama
Alabama Association of Accountants and Tax Preparers: $1,500

Kyle Yasumiishi
University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Washington Association of Accountants: $1,000

Sherman L. Standberry of Georgia State University also received a second-year renewal of the $2,000 Stanley Stearman Award.