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Free Document Management System Offered to Small Businesses

A No-Cost Document Management Software Offering Benefitting Nonprofits, Small Business and Education

New York -based software developer, MaxxVault LLC, has launched MaxxDocs Small Business, a free document management software for nonprofits, small business, and institutions of education. MaxxDocs SB is a fully-functional EDMS system with a 10K document repository and ready for use by 5 named users. Now, budget-strapped organizations such as nonprofits and schools can utilize top-of-the-line information management and document control that is bei ng used by larger organizations. The MaxxDocs security and repository features are built on the same software platform as the MaxxVault Enterprise software product.

MaxxDocs SB works with TWAIN and Kofax compatible scanners as well as any networked copier that can scan to a network folder. MaxxDocs can also be used to store your Microsoft Office Documents and important emails.  Import and securely store thousands and thousands of documents in any folder structure desired. Index documents with user-defined fields; add notes, stamps and highlights to documents as well. For a full list of features see

“We are very excited about offering our MaxxDocs Small Business Edition to the marketplace,” states Bruce Malyon, CEO of MaxxVault LLC. “We feel it's a great product for the market segment we are targeting and MaxxDocs SB offers a wide range of features and can grow with our customers as they grow. Our number one goal with MaxxDocs SB is to make it even easier for smaller businesses, schools and nonprofits to get started with document management without any big financial investment.”

The new MaxxDocs website has been launched. Visitors can download the software, install on up to five networked workstations and start using all of its features at no cost. Simply fill out the small, eight-question software request form to verify as a nonprofit, educational facility or small business with less than 100 employees in the United States or Canada. The software is about 1GB in size and comes with an installation guide; product overviews and feature list are available along with pricing for upgrades, expansions and enhancements.

The system is completely scalable through the purchase of additional user seats, repository expansions, and feature add-ons such as full-text search, a barcode reader, or connectors for MFPs. To learn more about MaxxDocs software and see the newly launched website, visit