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Awesome Applications for 2014

The Sleeter Group's Awesome Application Awards Program is designed to recognize quality software solutions available in the SMB accounting software marketplace. Each year, we research solutions to identify and recognize the companies and products who deliver an "awesome" to their customers.


From the Nov. 2013 issue.

The Sleeter Group’s Awesome Application Awards Program is designed to recognize quality software solutions available in the SMB accounting software marketplace. Each year, we research solutions to identify and recognize the companies and products who deliver an “awesome” to their customers.

The 2014 awards highlight several “chunks,” in the business process.

By chunkifying small business accounting systems, we divide each business process into a discrete system. This frees businesses to find the best match at each step in their specific business work flow. For example, each business can select from a variety of suppliers: the best Payroll; CRM; Ecommerce; POS; Payments; Job Costing; Time tracking; and so on.

And with chunkification, you have a whole marketplace of application developers who continue to innovate in each area. Chunkification is much better than all-in-one systems because chunk developers can focus on smaller, more vertically focused areas and buyers can choose the best fit from several choices.

For more information about the awesome application awards, including the voting totals, see The Sleeter Group’s web site at

The selection process included voting from the community during August 2013 and our expert panel worked during that time to diligently analyze each of the nominees. Community votes accounted for 40% of the final selections and the expert panel accounted for 60% of the overall score. 

Here are the winners of the 2014 Awesome Application Awards:

BigTime Mobile

BigTime Software, Inc.

Time and Expense Tracking
BigTime Mobile provides anytime, anywhere timesheet and expense tracking. From a timesheet format that lets users submit time as easily as sending an email, to expense entry that lets them log billable or non-billable costs, offline or online, upload pictures of receipts and much more.

Bigtime is easy to use and integrates flawlessly into QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online.



Time & Attendance
More than a timer; TSheets is an application designed for payroll, recording start and stop times even when the application is closed. Employees can track time using a computer, mobile phone, GPS-enabled apps, text, dial in, Twitter and more – with clock in / out punch card or manual timesheet flexibility.

Featuring smart, reliable integration with QuickBooks (online & desktop), TSheets solves the problem of time-tracking for hourly employees, a huge requirement for efficient payroll preparation.




Expense Tracking and Reporting
Tallie is a mobile business expense report platform designed for users, built by finance experts and engineered to integrate with accounting systems and accounting-related SaaS solutions.

Tallie intelligently scans, categorizes and matches receipt and credit card data, automatically generates expense reports, and pushes data into financial accounting systems. It allows automatic and selective transaction import from multiple credit cards. To ensure data integrity and control fraud, Tallie includes a suite of compliance (policies, groups, multi-level approval routing), internal control (duplicate identification, project accounting, general ledger mapping), and analytics tools.

While Tallie can integrate with all accounting software, it provides bi-directional integration with via a cloud-to-cloud direct integration. This integration features deep, real-time data synchronization in all critical expense data: account, customer, vendor, item, and class. This ensures that your expense and billing data are always up to date, no matter the system you are using.


BizTools Professional Analytics


Business Analytics
BizTools has served mid-market and enterprise clients for over a decade, delivering best practice business intelligence, reporting, dash boarding, KPI monitoring and multi-dimensional analytics solutions.

BizTools also provides solutions for SMBs and the accountants who serve them by creating a direct integration with QuickBooks. BizTools Professional Analytics is a true OLAP based multi-dimensional analytics solution specifically targeted to the QuickBooks data schemas. This technology makes it easy for non-technical users to very quickly gain actionable insights into their client’s business and provide informed advice. Accountants can now deliver high value, data driven analytical services to their clients as trusted advisors to proactively help them achieve better outcomes.


MISys Manufacturing

MISys, inc.

Manufacturing, Shop Floor Control, and MRP
We first recognized MISys in 2008, and again in 2010. MISys Manufacturing software is a comprehensive, affordable application that transforms entry-level accounting software into industrial-strength manufacturing systems. MISys Manufacturing is known for the depth and thoroughness of its functionality like time-phased MRP, shop floor control, 16 level BOMs, serial/lot number tracking and more. MISys Manufacturing is much less expensive than other software systems with equal functionality. The software can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud with a hosting partner.




Cloud Integration – Digital Plumbing
OneSaaS is a cloud integration solution that allows you to connect multiple chunks in the business system. This cloud-to-cloud connection engine aggregates data from several other cloud applications and normalizes the data into a central database. By pulling data in from any of several dozen cloud applications, you can create connections between each of your cloud solutions, and synchronize the data automatically between all of the chunks.

Think of OneSaas is your “digital plumber’s toolkit.” With it, you can create data links between nearly all of your cloud applications.




Shipping Automation
QuickBooks invoices, sales orders, and sales receipts automatically download to the ShipRush Order Manager, where shipments can be processed singly or in bulk. ShipRush can automatically print packing lists, send an email to the customer, etc. ShipRush also saves the tracking number back to QuickBooks, and can add the actual shipping cost to the invoice as a line item.

Does not require QuickBooks running on the shipping computer, so confidential financial information can be kept secure.


RUN, Powered by ADP Payroll for Partners


RUN Powered by ADP Payroll for Partners is a full service payroll platform that provides accountants with an integrated suite of payroll, HR and time & attendance products. ADP supports accountants with a dedicated accountant service organization.

Integrates with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Enterprise, Creative Solutions, Xero, and exports to CSV for importing into Excel and other accounting software.


Corecon v7

Corecon Technologies, Inc.
Construction and Project Management

We first recognized Corecon v4 in 2008 and they keep on delivering great value to the market. Corecon’s flagship product, Corecon v7, is a web-based suite of software for estimating, project management, job cost control and scheduling. Being web-based, contracting firms will have the ability to access their project information anytime from anywhere and store data in one central location. With its built-in wizards that automate complex tasks or comprehensive executive dashboards to analyze project budgets, Corecon provides cutting-edge technology to maximize the profitability of one’s projects and make all departments work more efficiently.

Corecon Mobile is an extension of Corecon V7 and is compatible with Android, Apple, Blackberry, Palm and Windows smart phones and tablet devices. This solution is free to all subscribers and provides access to crucial information for employees and management that are on the go.


Disclosure: The Sleeter Group advises the following Awesome Applications nominees: Agiliron,, Xero, and Cloud9 Real Time

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