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2013 Review of TrustFile Sales and Use Tax

TrustFile, an Avalara Company

From the July 2013 Review of Sales and Use Tax systems.

Best Firm Fit: 

Businesses who would like to prepare and electronically file sales and use taxes in any or all of the 12 supported states. Firms and businesses who need sales tax, use tax, and VAT (GST/HST) forms for all US and Canadian jurisdictions. When combined with the optional TrustFile Forms product, this product provides access to all forms needed to file sales and use tax returns in all US and Canadian jurisdictions.


  • Relatively simple application which supports multiple businesses or clients.
  • Provides e-filing and online tracking for 12 states, plus a separate forms library is available with forms for all other states.
  • Includes support for output to PDF or printer.

Potential Limitations

  • State programs do not allow users to share data between multiple state applications. However, TrustFile does support the ability to upload company information into the software, so that location data does not need to be retyped for each application.
  • Avalara TrustFile supports electronic filing for the 12 states that allow electronic filing (CT, FL, GA, IL, KS, LA, MD, NJ, PA, SC, TN, and WI). Other state returns must be prepared using the optional Avalara TrustFile Forms tool and filed on paper.


TrustFile is a set of sales tax filing tools and an optional forms package which are designed to help users compute, prepare, remit, and file sales and use tax returns. The product provides preparation, e-filing, and remittance for 12 states (CT, FL, GA, IL, KS, LA, MD, NJ, PA, SC, TN and WI). Tax calculation and filing is included for each city, county, and tax district in each supported state. A separately priced forms library, TrustFile Forms Library, provides forms for all US sales and use tax jurisdictions. Filings instructions and state-specific help are included with each of the 12 supported state programs.

The product has a simple interface, which is similar, but not identical across all 12 state applications. Data is entered directly onto replicas of state forms, and all totals and calculations are checked by the TrustFile sales tax engine. Data is automatically linked from each schedule back to the return. Users can drill down to underlying forms and worksheets, if desired. Additional tools include forms and utilities that can be used to manage exemptions, deductions and other issues. Company selection lists are spreadsheet-based and offer general search and filter functions.

Support is available on a 24x7x365 basis.

Avalara has a number of programs and product offerings for accounting professionals and tax consultants, including the Avalara Accounting & Advisory Services Program. For more information on this program, visit, or call 877.780.4848.

Summary & Pricing

Avalara’s AvaTax is one of the leaders in SaaS sales & use tax compliance, and the Company’s two offerings (AvaTax and TrustFile) provide a range of options which meet the needs of many different practitioners. When combined with the Company’s integration into over 225 accounting, ERP, POS, billing, e-commerce and m-commerce applications, and its TrustFile offering, the company provides a complete set of solutions for US sales and use tax as well as Canadian GST/HST (VAT).

TrustFile is priced at $159 for each of the 12 available state programs, and includes permission to prepare returns for up to five EINs with that program. The optional TrustFile Forms application has a variety of packages, including $149 for a single state and $1,995 for a package which includes all US states, all US territories, and all Canadian provinces. Support is available for an extra charge, and is provided on a 24x7x365 basis.

2013 Ratings:

Core Product Functions/Features: 4.25 Stars
Core Accounting Capabilities: 4 Stars
Integration/Import/Export: 3.25 Stars
Help/Support: 4.25 Stars

2013 Overall Rating: 4 Stars


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