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Accounting firm leadership expert Vickrey joins Utah accounting firm Tanner LLC

Gary Vickrey brings expertise in leadership and business transition to Tanner LLC

Utah accounting firm Tanner LLC announced on Monday that Gary Vickrey, a prominent leadership development and business transition expert, joined the firm as a partner in January of this year.

“Gary is a recognized expert in executive coaching and development, conflict management, succession planning, and talent management nationally and throughout the world,” says Jeff Bickel, Tanner’s Managing Partner. “Gary’s unique expertise aligns well with so many baby boomer executives and partners who are making leadership transitions. He will be a valuable source of insight as the leader of our new Leadership Solutions Practice.”

Before joining Tanner LLC, Vickrey was the president and CEO of JLS-Vickrey, where he established Leadership Development Academies for global organizations and professional services firms in the United States, Canada, South America, and Asia.

With unique experience as the advisor for numerous family-owned organizations around the world and some of the largest automotive groups in the country, Vickrey’s background encompasses a broad range of fields, including the chemical, financial services, pharmaceutical, construction, automotive, technology, and professional services industries. His consulting clients include BASF, Loewen, Kraft Canada, Bayer, PKF North America, the 20 Group, and many others.

Bickel says, “We welcome Gary’s unique perspective and vast experience from advising so many leading companies and organizations. Tanner’s vision is that each of us will make a positive impact in the lives of those with whom we work every single day. Gary will add greatly to that vision.”