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VouchedIn aims to match accounting pros and companies

Company on mission to Help Professionals and Companies to Connect, Collaborate and Contract

According to the American Staffing Association index, since the beginning of 2012, temporary and contract employment has grown 27.1%.  And, those numbers are expected to hit an all time high in 2013.  One new company has launched with the goal to connect qualified accounting professionals, of every level, with companies in need of their services. 

VouchedIn claims to be the first company to offer a free service to professionals and companies as the premier accounting contractor/employer connection online.

Discouraged by a past experience with a staffing firm to work on a project with a corporate team he’d known for many years and being asked to work for 85% of what he considered his minimum rate, Dan Gaffney, CPA decided that there had to be a better way to directly connect those companies, big and small, looking for qualified and reliable accounting professionals. 

More importantly, allow them to connect directly and work out contract agreements amongst themselves, saving companies money and allowing contract accounting professionals to earn their full value. 

“Relationships are crucial; but the important relationship is between the contractor and employer. Not the staffing firm and employer,” said Gaffney, Founder of VouchedIn. “Temporary work should be an enjoyable career.”

Drawing on his entrepreneurial experience starting his own consulting firm and with an MBA in eBusiness/Leadership and Change Management from DePaul University, Dan developed a business plan for what would become VouchedIn, and started discussing the model with colleagues; including employers, contractors, venture capital firms and other successful entrepreneurs.

Gaffney adds that the company philosophy is to help create employment opportunities and more work for contract accounting professionals by offering an online resource for matchmaking.  Through this process he believes that employers and contractors gain benefits and options they have not had until now.  

VouchedIn Benefits:

•     VouchedIn is free to join-for employers and contractors

  • Contractors earn more money and have freedom to manage their contracts
  • Employers pay just 15% of the contracted rate, versus 30%, or more, with offline staffing firms
  • Verification of employers and contractors
  • Contractors’ access to professional liability insurance, if required by employer
  • Online time tracking and invoicing for contractors
  • Contractors are paid through VouchedIn
  • Contracting process is online and efficient
  • Contractors are notified via email when an employer posts a project or when action is required (i.e.  interview scheduled, project offer, etc.)