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Top 20 most popular financial and accounting apps for businesses

What apps are the most popular for small businesses? There are many ways to measure that... here's one.


GetApp, the largest independent marketplace for business apps has released an infographic comparing the most important web-based accounting and financial apps to help businesses choose the right product for their needs.

The most popular apps in the U.S., downloaded from GetApp:

  1. FreeAgent
  2. Fusebill
  3. NetSuite Financials
  4. Wave Accounting 
  5. FinancialForce Accounting
  6. FreshBooks
  7. KashFlow
  8. LivePlan
  9. Xero
  10. Zoho (several Zoho apps)
  11. BillQuick
  12. MYOB
  13. Brightpearl
  14. Saasu
  15. Intacct
  16. Arithmo
  17. Intuit Online Payroll
  18. Payment Evolution
  19. QuickBooks Online
  20. ZenCash

  * This list is only those apps downloaded from GetApp, and does not reflect popularity or downloads of apps from other app stores.

The infographic seeks to compare the most important accounting and financial cloud applications in an attempt to ease the decision making process businesses need to go through.

It works as a guide to help businesses understand their needs and find the application that fulfills them the best.

It uses publicly available information to explain:

  • What are the different functions covered by accounting and financial apps: financial reporting, payroll, billing, invoicing, budgeting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, debt collection
  • Which apps are available by country: USA, Canada, UK, China, Japan, Latin America, Australia
  • How apps can be categorized by functionality: best of breed for single function, multi-function, business suites
  • Which ones integrate with main platforms: Google Apps, Salesforce and Intuit Quickbooks
  • Availability of a dedicated app for mobile platforms: iOS, Android

“Accounting is an ongoing task that every business needs to get done. Having the right accounting tool in place is crucial but finding it can be a tough process,” said Christophe Primault, CEO of GetApp “ This infographic will help businesses choose the right solution for their needs.”

Key highlights of the Infographic:

  • The research carried out by GetApp highlights 21 of the most important solutions in this space including: Arithmo, Billquick, BrightPearl, FinancialForce, FreeAgent, FreshBooks, Fusebill, Intacct, Kashflow, LivePlan, Intuit Online Payroll, Myob, NetSuite Financials, Payment Evolution, QuickBooks Online, Saasu, Wave Accounting, Xero, ZenCash, Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Reports.
  • A wheel-chart introducing the different functions of accounting and financial apps.
  • A map of the world showing apps availability by country.
  • Three table comparing the solutions in the single function, multi-function and business suite categories.
  • Two diagrams positioning vendors in terms of integration and mobile apps availability.

To view the infographic online visit the following link: The Most Important Financial & Accounting Apps

For a more comprehensive list of accounting and financial apps, businesses can check GetApp’s online accounting software directory.