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Tamlin Software Receives President’s Award from AccountMate

Tamlin Software Developers and CEO Linda Bryan are honored at AccountMate's SYNERGY Conference.


Tamlin Software Developers, developer of Manufacturing Conductor, recently announced that its CEO Linda Bryan received the AccountMate President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement. The award was presented during AccountMate’s annual SYNERGY Conference in Las Vegas. AccountMate develops local, hosted and SaaS business accounting software.

The President’s Award in Recognition of Outstanding Achievement recognizes an AccountMate business partner and organization that demonstrates leadership in improving their clients’ business application and who has exhibited courage, initiative and creativity.

“On behalf of our entire team, we are extremely humbled and honored with AccountMate’s recognition of our efforts at Tamlin,” said Bryan. “The integration of Manufacturing Conductor with AccountMate software creates a combined package that fills a wide range of manufacturers’ needs, and because AccountMate provides source code to both resellers and us as a software developer, Manufacturing Conductor takes advantage of all the built-in inventory capability.”

Tamlin also received three performance-based awards, in addition to the President’s Award. Tamlin received awards for Exceptional Performance for SQL Installations, Superior Performance for Maintenance Agreements and Exceptional Performance for BizNet for AccountMate.

“Your leadership and tenacity have set an example of what can be accomplished when focusing on the unique needs and demands of a client. Without question, Tamlin’s exceptional work has assisted a greater number of clients in building successful and profitable businesses by providing affordable mission-critical software solutions that far exceed the average solutions available within our industry today,” said David Dierke, AccountMate President and CEO, of Bryan and Tamlin’s efforts and achievements.