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SmartVault Corporation — SmartVault

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SmartVault was originally designed as a document storage system for QuickBooks, but has moved towards a generic platform to store and share files, whether or not they are related to QB.

Core Functionality

SmartVault is a “cloud computing” solution provided in a web-hosted environment. The primary function of SmartVault is for users to store, access and exchange files online. I found the most compelling feature of SmartVault to be the ability to setup a folder in your Windows Explorer to map directly to SmartVault. This means that you can move files between the online SmartVault storage system and your local storage system. This can be used in a similar fashion with Mac computer, as well. 4.25


SmartVault provides direct integration with QuickBooks via a toolbar allowing users to upload and access their source documents directly from QuickBooks. SmartVault also integrates with Microsoft Outlook to drag and drop e-mail messages and their attachments directly to SmartVault. A custom integration with the popular Fujitsu ScanSnap desktop scanner provides for one-click scanning directly into SmartVault. Think of SmartVault in terms of an online extension of your local Windows Explorer system. You can right-click a filename to upload it directly to a designated SmartVault folder, and you can drag and drop files between folders. There is also a SmartVault Inbox that you can scan directly into and then drag the file to the appropriate destination.

E-mail messages are sent to invite users to access their files by logging into a secure portal. This helps you to comply with the ever-growing list of information privacy regulations. 4.75

Advanced Functionality

The SmartVault files are stored in a SAS70-Type 2 approved data center with redundant servers and a disaster recovery model that can withstand a Category 5 hurricane. The system allows you to collaborate by inviting users to your account. Each plan includes an established number of full-access users plus a number of Guest users. A full-access user has access to the Desktop software, SmartVault Inbox, Drive Mapping and Web Portal. A Guest user can upload and access documents from the Web Portal only. Right-clicking on a folder establishes permissions for User or Guest access to a file. You can do this at the vault or folder level, and you can create as many vaults and folders as you need in your hierarchy. Users and Guests can be given permissions to read, write or delete files in a folder. 4

Summary & Pricing

The primary value proposition for SmartVault is to provide a single solution to share and store your content securely online. The fact that it is offered as a web-hosted solution minimizes the technology issues you need to deal with and provides you with peace of mind regarding the security of your files. Pricing starts at $19 per month for a single-user system with 2GB of storage, $39 per month for three users and 15GB of storage, and $69 per month for five users and 30GB of storage.

2010 Overall Rating 4.25

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