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2012 Review of Sage 50 Accounting (formerly Peachtree)

Sage North America — Sage 50–U.S. Edition
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From the July 2012 Review of On-Premise SMB Accounting Systems

Best Fit: Sage 50 Accounting is a good fit for most small businesses, it has an impressive selection of management features, inventory functionality, reporting options, and connected services, to meet the users growing needs. This is a package that will grow with the company as needed and helps the user with a variety services, training, and support options. The e-marketing options help the customer grow and gives small businesses a helping hand in a complicated field of online marketing.


  • Multiple Inventory Valuation Methods
  • Reporting Options
  • E- Marketing Features
  • Targeted messaging – efficient procedures
  • Upgrade to Sage 50 Quantum

Potential Limitations

  • Single Location Inventory
  • Does not support Multi-Currency
  • Does not support Mac

Basic System Functionalit: 4.5 Stars

Sage 50 has a sidebar with functional areas (Business Status, Customers & Sales, Vendors & Payable, Inventory & Services, Employees & Payroll, Banking, and System) that change the screen to the reflect the tasks for that area and also a customizable shortcuts list. This screen shows icons for activities, list information, recently used Reports and Add-ons available from the software publisher.

This interface gives the user a lot of options and information at a glance, reducing keystrokes. The screen appears somewhat busy compared to other products, but is well organized. Sage 50 has the option to use batch processing or real time posting. The user is required to close periods but allows re-opening a period if needed. Seamless conversion to Sage 50 Quantum.

Core Accounting Capabilities: 5 Stars

Payroll functionality is included in Sage 50. There are 3 options, Simple Payroll that includes payroll tax form and tax table. Select Payroll adds e-filing to the offering. Managed payroll is comparable to having a payroll service and supports Certified Payroll and offers web based access and solutions

Audit Trail is always on. The audit trail report can be customized to search for specific activity. Multi-Currency is not supported in this product.

Day-To-Day Operations: 5 Stars

Inventory and Purchasing are quite strong in Sage 50. Inventory valuation methods include LIFO, FIFO, Average Costs, and serialized inventory. There is no multi-location capability. Inventory reports and services support the user with ability to build assemblies, UPS integration, and track packages

e-Features for Sage 50 include integration with Sage Payments for processing credit card transactions. These payments can be accepted using a smart phone, tablet or POS terminal. Users can also process payments using any merchant services provider. Online banking is supported as well as downloading banking transactions directly into the software.

Management Features: 5 Stars

Dashboard Overview has the ability to display up to eight images chosen for display by the user.

Reporting is quite strong with built in customizable reports that can be exported to Excel, saved as a PDF, e-mailed from within the software, saves , support of crystal reports a strong . Sage 50 has a report writer “Sage 50 Business Intelligence” which is Excel based and available for an additional fee. Use of the product for 60 days is included in the initial purchase.

Sage 50 also supports Crystal Reports which is included in the Sage 50 Premium and Quantum versions. Security is based on individual user rights assigned by transaction catagories.

Integration, Import and Export: 5 Stars

Data Transfer is supported with the Import/Export feature that uses csv files to import/export lists or transactions. The interface is straightforward and the help files include additional documentation.

External Integration is supported with the E-marketing feature to help you with templates and how to get started on marketing activities. Sage 50 also integrates with UPS.

There is no accountant transfer feature; however accountants can enter adjustments through remote access.

Help/Support: 5 Stars

Built-In Support Features in this product far exceed most software packages. The help menu directs the user to “Set-Up Guide” with wizards to complete processes, user manuals, “Show Me How” which links to videos on the Sage website, links to customer support and Sage website. In addition to options on the help menu, Sage has built in “Sage Advisor Technology” which Sends messaging to individual users who are underutilizing features or not using the most productive methods , messages can be saved for later viewing or not shown again based on user choices.

Sage website also supports Sage 50 with videos mentioned previously, community forums and links to Sage University which provides online training in Sage 50, Excel, Crystal Reports and other topics.

Sage Business Care – Annual plan upgrades included in product for 1 year. Sage performs usability studies with users and maintain an enhancements database that users can make suggestions and vote on user recommendations for product improvements.

Sage Advisor Technology – Sends messaging clients who are underutilizing features or not using the most productive methods , message can say save for later or don’t show again and shows video.

Summary & Pricing

Sage 50 Complete, formerly Peachtree Complete has once again proven that it has the feature set and support to help small business meet its needs and continue to grow. It offers options that are strong in the areas of inventory, customer relationship management, reporting, and support. The system will support most small businesses in both their accounting and management needs and offers a seamless upgrade to Sage 50 Quantum if the company needs additional functionality.

Sage 50 Complete Accounting costs: 1-user – $369; 3-user – $669; 5-user – $899.

2012 Overall Rating: 5 Stars