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Business Management Releases Cash Flow Management System released CashView today, a first-of-its-kind Cash Flow Command and Control System will provide businesses with a comprehensive look at their cash flow.

bill_com_logo_10259316, provider of bill payment, invoicing and cash management solutions for businesses, released CashView today. The first-of-its-kind Cash Flow Command and Control System will provide businesses with a comprehensive look at their cash flow.

“CashView will change the way accountants interact with their clients, by allowing them to manage cash in a way that’s never been done before,” said René Lacerte, founder and CEO of “My vision has been to create a Cash Flow Command and Control Center and I’m really excited to introduce CashView.”

Using’s cloud-based AP and AR systems, CashView gives users the ability to view their cash forecast and take the necessary actions. The system links directly to users’ accounting systems to gather information and automatically populate. CashView has the ability to drill down to particular vendors, bills, contracts and due dates while viewing the forecast.

“ CashView marks a major innovation by automatically tying into current financial systems,” said Lacerte. “It enables users to adjust scenarios including cash-in and cash-out in a completely realistic way, and it allows them to gain complete control and insight into their financial situation for better business decision making. The ability to make the right transaction in real time and at the right time is an extremely powerful proposition and one that is just not possible using spreadsheet-based methods.” CashView is designed to be used daily to manage cash, allowing users to make adjustments to the forecasts and model various “what if” scenarios. The results are then displayed in CashView charts and tables. Users can also manually enter data that is not stored in the system using the CashView Transactions function. This feature allows users to see all of their cash transactions in one place. CashView’s “Change Cash Date” function allows businesses to forecast when they will actually payout and receive cash without changing due dates associated with specific contracts and invoices.

“While business owners are often experts in their given fields, this oftentimes doesn’t equate to being an expert in managing cash,” said Darren Root, CPA.CITP, co-founder of RootWorks and Executive Editor of CPA Practice Advisor. “ CashView removes the guesswork and can save businesses time and agony. It enables users to be more precise and proactive about critical decision making, and they can gain confidence about what they are doing each step of the way. I’d encourage any business to take a close look at this solution.”

With CashView, businesses can take a look at any point of their forecast, drilling down to a specific amount of time spanning months, weeks or days. This feature allows users to forecast when their cash flow will be negative and make the necessary adjustments. The solution also allows users to schedule payments directly from the system using bank account information and allowing AP and AR information to be automatically updated.

“If cash flow forecasting is done with precision it helps the business,” said Root. “If not, it really hurts the business. Even people that might already handle their cash flow reasonably well will find this solution makes the process far more accurate and easier.”

Current clients can now use the CashView Command and Control System in beta form.