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Rick Richardson Inducted into Accounting Hall of Fame

Rick Richardson, CPA.CITP, was named the most recent addition to the Accounting Hall of fame at dinner and reception at the second annual Thought Leader Symposium.

What do the Beach Boys and Ernst & Young have in common? Rick Richardson, CPA.CITP, of course. Richardson worked for both before founding Richardson Media and Technologies and being inducted into the Accounting Hall of Fame on Sunday night.

Today, Richardson is known for his extensive accounting career and the strides he has made in the profession, but he also has a passion for music, dating back to high school. It is that passion for music which led him to the Beach Boys and, in 1964, he played drums for the recording of “Fun, Fun, Fun” and California Girls.”

Naming Richardson as the most recent addition to the Accounting Hall of Fame, not only highlighted the second annual CPA Practice Advisor Thought Leader Symposium, but it was also a “fun, fun, fun” way to kick off the first night of the three-day conference.

“Being a part of the 25 Thought Leaders in the profession was, in itself, such an honor for me and now to be named to the Hall of Fame by my peers – I’m thrilled and humbled,” said Richardson. “I hope I can continue doing what I’ve done my whole career to continue to earn such an award.”

Richardson’s extensive career in the accounting profession played a major part in the selection process. In addition to being the CEO and founder of Richardson Media and Technologies, he also travels as a speaker, forecasting technology trends to thousands of professionals, community leaders, educators and students.

“Rick Richardson has been an accounting professional for a long time, as well as an employee of one of the Big 4 firms,” shared CPA Practice Advisor’s Executive Editor Darren Root, CPA.CITP. “His classes are interesting and he is a major influencer in the profession.”

The influence Richardson has in the accounting profession is evidenced by the honors he has already received, which include two lifetime achievement awards from the American Institute of CPAs. Richardson has also appeared on the “Technology 100” list.

Applause and congratulations rang out around the room from the other Thought Leaders when Root made the announcement at a reception held Sunday night at the Omni Mandalay Bay hotel in Dallas, Texas.

“Rick is one of the most insightful CPAs on technology and is certainly deserving of this honor,” said Randy Johnston, Executive Vice President of NMGI & K2 Enterprises. Johnston and Gregory L. Lafollette, CPA.CITP, were inducted as the first two members of CPA Practice Advisor’s Accounting Hall of Fame.

This year’s 25 Thought Leaders are:
Greg Anton, CPA Founding Partner, Anton Collins Mitchell and Chairman, AICPA
L. Gary Boomer CPA.CITP, CEO, Senior Consultant, Shareholder, Boomer Consulting
Jim Boomer, CPA.CITP, CIO & Shareholder, Boomer Consulting
Jim Bourke, CPA.CITP.CFF Partner & Director of Firm Technology, WithumSmith+Brown
David Cieslak, CPA.CITP, GSEC, Principal, Arxis Technology, Inc.
Gale Crosley, CPA, Founder & Principal, Crosley+Company
Chris Frederiksen, CPA, CEO & Chairman, 2020 Group USA
Michelle Golden, CPF President, Golden Practices
John Higgins, CPA.CITP, Strategic Advisor, CPA Crossings, LLC
Tom Hood, CPA.CITP, CEO & Executive Director, MACPA & the Business Learning Institute
Randy Johnston, Executive Vice President, NMGI & K2 Enterprises
Roman Kepczyk, CPA.CITP, Director of Consulting, Xcentric LLC
Allan Koltin, CPA, CEO Koltin Consulting Group, Inc.
Mark Koziel, CPA Vice President, Firm Services and Global Alliances, AICPA
Barry Melancon, CPA, President & CEO, AICPA & NPACPA
James C. Metzler, CPA Vice President, Small Firm Interests, AICPA
Edi Osborne, CEO MentorPlus
Rick Richardson, Managing Partner, Richardson Media & Technologies LLC
M. Darren Root, CPA.CITP, Executive Editor, CPA Practice Advisor; President, Root & Associates LLC and CEO, RootWorks LLC
Gary Shamis, CPA, M.Acc, Managing Director, SS&G
Donny Shimamoto, CPA.CITP, Founder & Managing Director, Intraprise-TechKnowlogies LLC
Doug Sleeter Founder & President, The Sleeter Group, Inc.
Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP, Technical Editor, CPA Practice Advisor and Publisher,
Rick Telberg, President & CEO, Bay Street Group LLC
Jennifer Wilson, Co-Founder & Partner, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC