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ProfitSee Pro Release Gives CPAs and Financial Advisors Actionable, Real-Time Insights to Clients’ Financial Metrics

Advisors Can Monitor Clients’ Financial Performance with All-in-One Financial Analysis and Budgeting Software that Integrates With QuickBooks and all Major Accounting Software Packages.

August 8, 2011 – CHANHASSEN, MN – ProfitSee, the provider of all-in-one visual financial analysis and forecasting software from proven financial experts, today announced the release of ProfitSee Pro, a new software solution that gives financial advisors and CPAs real-time oversight of clients’ key business metrics.

Named “Best in Show” at the 2010 Intuit Partner Platform Cloud Jam, ProfitSee serves business owners and their financial advisors with critical financial insights to manage cash flow, analyze financial results, construct budgets, and accurately understand and plan for the impact of growth initiatives. With the release of ProfitSee Pro, CPAs and financial advisors can tap into their clients’ financials, getting an instant dashboard view of financial performance. This new ProfitSee software version offers a valuable tool that allows CPAs and financial advisors to monitor and proactively counsel clients.

“ProfitSee Pro is a game changer for CPAs and financial advisors to small business and a real value-add for business owners,” says Peter M. Vessenes, founder and CEO of ProfitSee. “The ability to spot trouble before it gets out of hand, or an opportunity before it passes, puts financial advisors in a proactive position and dramatically enhances the value they bring to clients.”

ProfitSee offers an integrated suite of visual reports, budgeting tools and “what if” scenarios to help businesses forecast the full effects of business decisions. More than 20 years in the making by experienced financial experts, ProfitSee provides forward-looking scenarios that are easy for business owners and financial decision makers to quickly understand and act upon. With the release of its version targeted at financial advisors and CPAs, ProfitSee Pro now offers a single view of a CPA’s client portfolio, including visual performance indicators on clients requiring immediate attention, and the ability to download these financial reports into PowerPoint® presentations.

“As an advisor to small businesses, I often wished I could anticipate when a client needed my help – even before the client realized it – because that’s when an advisor can bring the most value to clients,” says Vessenes. “ProfitSee Pro does that, effectively allowing CPAs and financial advisors to “clone themselves” so they can provide a much higher level of service to clients when they most need it.”

ProfitSee Pro is priced competitively to help CPAs and financial advisors grow their financial consulting practice, starting with free access for 12 months and free syncing of their first client. ProfitSee Pro is available at and from the Intuit App Center.

About ProfitSee:
ProfitSee is the only all-in-one financial analysis and budgeting software from proven financial experts. ProfitSee helps business owners and financial managers gain critical financial insights to manage cash flow and grow their business. Founded in 2010, the company is led by Founder and CEO Peter M. Vessenes, CTO Peter J. Vessenes and backed by a group of distinguished advisors, including: Mike Muhney, Co-Founder and Inventor of ACT! Content Relationship Management software, Galen Vetter, President of Rust Consulting/Kinsella Media and Board of Director of Land O’Lakes, Inc., and Richard Shorma, Managing Partner, Belt Building Partnership and Co-Trustee and Manager of Shorma Family Trust.
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