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Cougar Mountain Software – CMS Professional 2010 FUND

From the Nov. 2009 Review of Not-for-Profit
Accounting Programs

Professional 2010 FUND for Nonprofits from Cougar Mountain Software provides
nonprofit and accounting functionality to small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations
and government entities.

Cougar Mountain Software has maintained an easy-to-navigate interface throughout
the years, and CMS 2010 FUND is no exception. A toolbar at the top of the screen
provides users with quick access to program functions. Changing modules refreshes
screen options to reflect the features and functions found within that module.

CMS 2010 FUND offers a flexible account structure, allowing users to utilize
up to 45 alphanumeric characters and up to six segments. CMS 2010 FUND also
contains excellent customization capability, with all modules offering user-defined
fields that can be utilized as needed. Data-entry screens contain lookup options
throughout. Setup wizards can be used to enter system and module information,
and the batch system simplifies the entering of multiple transactions.

CMS 2010 FUND’s base system is designed for smaller nonprofit organizations
and includes the FUND GL, which contains fund, grant tracking and budgeting
capability, along with a Bank Reconciliation module. Larger nonprofits may want
to consider CMS 2010 FUND Suite, which includes GL, Purchase Order, AP, Payroll
and Bank Reconciliation modules. The CMS 2010 FUND Revenue Center offers Inventory,
Order Entry and AR modules and is an excellent option for nonprofits that also
operate a mail order facility, own a thrift store or just want to track donations.

Also available is the CMS 2010 FUND POS system, which offers both Inventory
and Point of Sale modules, a must for those running a small gift shop. Add on
modules include Federal and State Tax Forms, BarTender Label Generator, Federal
Express and UPS Tracking, Credit Card Authorization, CRM Bridge to ACT!, Fixed
Asset Management for FUND, Gift Cards, Merchant Transaction Services, PDF Blaster,
GL Report Generator, R & R Report Works, and Tax Updates.

Scalable in scope, CMS 2010 FUND provides an excellent entry-level product
with an extensive selection of modules to add onto the original purchased product,
allowing the software to easily grow alongside the organization.

CMS 2010 FUND can handle an unlimited number of grants, departments and funds.
A solid audit trail ensures that transactions cannot be edited or deleted after
posting. CMS 2010 FUND operates on a three-year fiscal calendar, and can administer
a variety of fund types including restricted, unrestricted and operating funds.

All of the available FUND packages fully integrate with CMS 2010 FUND modules,
and all add-on modules. Consolidation capability allows users to enter data
for numerous organizations or departmental locations and consolidate information
for easier review. Allocations can be posted to unlimited accounts and can be
made using a fixed cash or fixed percentage method.

New in CMS 2010 FUND is Cougar Dtails, A Financial Dashboard. Cougar Dtails
offers a quick view of vital financial data with three dashboard views: The
Revenue & Expense view, The Cash Flow view and The Financial Indicators
view. The ‘Contains’ feature allows searching for items by entering
specific words in a search field. You can also now export select reports to
a CSV file, with more reports expected to have this capability in the future.

CMS 2010 FUND produces all FASB required reports including Statement of Activities,
Statement of Financial Position, and Statement of Cash Flows. Audit trail reports
provide detail on all system transactions.

Numerous report add-ons are available and will increase the number and customization
of reports that can be processed. The GL Report Generator provides users with
the ability to customize all standard system reports or create custom reports
from scratch. The Snapshot reports provide access to management information,
and the R & R Report Writer provides complete report customization.

Cougar Mountain offers a variety of support options including the Software Assurance
plan, which is available in both Standard and Premier levels, providing access
to the customer service center and product knowledgebase, along with product
maintenance and service packs. A discount is available to Software Assurance
subscribers on support, along with classroom and telephone training. Twenty
hours of online support is also included in the Premier version of the plan.

Other services offered from Cougar Mountain are installation plans and a variety
of training options to suit a company’s budget, schedule and needs. CPA
consulting services are even offered to help advise an organization on the best
accounting practices. CMS 2010 FUND also offers an excellent Help function,
and the e-learning option provides more than 100 online tutorials.

CMS 2010 FUND is currently available for $1,208 for a single-user system. FUND
Suite will run $3,870 for a single user, and the FUND Revenue Center costs $1,450
for a single-user system. Add-on modules vary in price. CMS 2010 FUND is an
excellent choice for small and growing nonprofits that need the flexibility,
scalability and affordability that the vendor continues to offer.