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Copanion — GruntWorx

From the July 2009 Feature Article on Tax
Document Automation

GruntWorx is now offered in Organize and Pro versions, with both options providing
automated document identification, workpaper organization, data extraction and
review processes. As a web-based system, GruntWorx is used for scanning in client
documents and uploading them through a secure portal. The backend of the program
then does all of the identification and organization work, and notifies users
when the resulting files are ready.

Regardless of the order in which documents are scanned, GruntWorx products
organize them consistently into bookmarked and linked PDF workpapers, coversheet
and summary of return data that users can import into many tax programs and
client data organizers. GruntWorx Pro adds the benefit of direct integration
with Thomson Reuters’ GoSystem RS, and Copanion anticipates adding integration
with additional tax systems in the near future.

One of the key advantages to the web-based GruntWorx system is that it continually
gets smarter and faster as a tax season progresses. Since the program is housed
on Copanion’s secure U.S. servers, it learns from forms that have been
scanned by other users. So even if a form is obscure, if it has been scanned
by even one other professional at another firm, it will be almost instantly
recognized by the program when a different user scans the same form. GruntWorx
Pro won a 2009 Innovation Award and the original GruntWorx received one in 2008.

Forms Identified: Virtually all versions of forms 1099, 1098,
W-2, K-1, 2439, SSA, etc., as well as combined brokerage statements, the company
noted, from all brokers.

Organized PDF Workpaper Compilation: Yes

Automatic Data Population into Tax Programs: Yes, into GoSystem
Tax RS, and the vendor notes that support for additional tax programs may be
announced later this year.