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PayCycle – My Wish List

Doug Sleeter's wishes for PayCycle enhancements now that Intuit will be purchasing PayCycle.

Now that PayCycle is becoming part of Intuit (see announcement earlier this month), I’m hoping to see even tighter integration between the PayCycle software and QuickBooks.

I’m an avid PayCycle user, and I love what it does already, but here are my top wishes and hopes for the future:

Provide for full paycheck transactions to be imported into QuickBooks. At this point, it’s impossible for developers to access the PAYCHK transactions in QuickBooks because the SDK doesn’t provide any support for that. But now that Intuit will own PayCycle, maybe they’ll find a way to get that done.
Timesheet integration: Provide a link between QuickBooks timesheets (desktop), and the QuickBooks online time tracker to feed timesheet information directly into PayCycle so that the payroll clerk doesn’t have any data entry to do. This would save every PayCycle user boatloads of time.
Electronic Payments for Withholdings: We’d really like to see PayCycle provide electronic payments for 401k deposits and HSA plans.
Lumpsum Bank Transfer Amounts instead of individual paychecks: For security purposes, many employers want to have payroll detail kept out of the company bank account. PayCycle should have an option to transfer a lump sum amount from the bank account to the PayCycle accounts, where all the paycheck detail is kept. Then syncronize a general journal entry into QuickBooks that records the totals for each payroll run.
Better reports: I always have difficulties finding the right report to get what I want. For example, how about a year-to-date total pay (with each payroll item, deduction, and tax) all totaled by employee. Several reports I need are difficult to find, if they exist at all.

Please add your wishes to mine and we’ll see if we can get them to the right people at PayCycle.