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Tenrox — Tenrox Timesheet

the Nov. 2006 Review of Time & Billing Systems

offers a browser-based time and expense management system in its Timesheet program,
which can either be hosted as an online service that can be accessed from virtually
any location or stored on a business’ file servers for access across the
network. The system’s core feature set is geared toward midsize and larger
organizations, with modules offering advanced workforce management capabilities
such as the ability to manage and account for differentiated time, as well as
project accounting, job costing, invoicing and robust reporting functions. Pricing
for Timesheet is based on the number of users and modules, with costs starting
generally at about $100 per user per module.

Ease of Use/Navigation Features — 4 Stars
The primary user interface is a web page accessed through the user’s Internet
Explorer browser that provides tabbed access to various components of the system,
along with pending issues the user is working on and visual components such
as charts of key business indicators. The actual features and functions available
on this screen depend upon the user’s primary job responsibilities, whether
as a standard employee, a manager or a system administrator. The interface is
also completely customizable, enabling users to see data pertinent to their
role, issues they need to address, and functions that they use most frequently.

For standard users, this screen is likely to default on the time entry screen,
which also provides tabbed access to expense reporting, their calendar, an assignment
list and other options. When needing to enter time or expense data, the program
displays only clients and projects to which they are assigned, and offers a
very streamlined data-entry area that allows them to easily add the time spent
on a specific task for a client/project. The screen shows all available clients/projects,
allowing users to simply fill in blanks for any day in the selected time range.
Stopwatch timers can also be used for entering time data. Notes, comments and
documents can be attached to client records either for client delivery or for
in-house review purposes.

The system includes centralized client and project lists that offer summary
information on their respective collections. The Client Central and Project
Central menus offer search and filter options, as well as access to frequently
performed tasks related to clients or projects, including invoicing, contact
options, reporting and other functions. Timesheet supports PDA use, as well
as e-mail and web-based time and expense entry. Overall, basic use of the program
is intuitive. But for management users especially, training is recommended to
get the most out of the system’s deep analytical and business processes

Management Functions — 5 Stars
Tenrox Timesheet is powerful in every aspect, from its ability to support an
unlimited number of clients, staff, projects, work codes and rates, to its workflow
processes, which are designed to mirror the internal processing routines of
the firm employing the system. The program is especially well-designed for concerns
with formal review processes since it automates the routing after closing periods,
monitors and alerts management to budget concerns, and can mandate action prior
to further steps being taken on a client account.

Time-phased hourly rate rules can be employed by user, group, client, task
or project, and the system supports flat-fee structures and negative expensing.
Additional billing rules enable management to perform split billing and percentage
or fixed rate markups. The program’s AR features support multiple currencies
and interest rates, in addition to various tax rates on expenses, invoicing
and payables. Time-sheet’s tax capabilities include sales/service tax
tables for major taxing entities in the United States and Canada.

The interface for management-level staff is impressive, with customizable
dashboards that can be set to display productivity analysis, the status of projects,
billing issues and other indicators, all with drilldown functionality. Timesheet
also includes HR-focused time management issues for staff, including management
of non-billable and non-client time, leave and holiday accruals and usage, and
tracking of time for employment and overtime laws. The system offers integration
with several enterprise-level payroll applications.

Billing & Reporting — 4.5 Stars
Timesheet’s reporting and analysis features are outstanding, providing
management users with real-time data and drilldown/drill-up capabilities that
aid in managerial control and review functions. The program includes a built-in
XML reporting function that further extends the large complement of customizable
standard reports that range from general summaries to extensively detailed reports
for AR, clients, projects, staff and other issues. Graphic views are also available
for many of the reports. Timesheet’s invoicing functions allow multi-client
split billing, invoicing/charge back capabilities for time, expense and charges,
and highly customizable invoice output.

Integration — 5 Stars
With its XML base, Tenrox can interface with numerous third-party business applications.
This includes QuickBooks, Sage Accpac, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP Business One
and Peachtree for accounting purposes. It interfaces with ADP and Ceridian for
payroll, and Microsoft Project and SharePoint for project collaboration functions.
The system can output reports into formats that include Word, Excel and *.PDF,
and the expense tracking component can import transaction reports from all major
credit card companies.

User Support & Help — 4.5 Stars
Timesheet includes a traditional built-in Help utility, and the Tenrox online
support website provides FAQs, tutorials and additional assistance. When hosted,
all system updates are automatically performed by Tenrox staff. The company
offers a variety of training options, support packages and deployment assistance.

2006 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars