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CCH — ProSystem fx Site Builder

From the Dec. 2008 Feature on Web
Builders for Accountants

More than a website builder, ProSystem fx Site Builder from CCH is
designed to enhance your professional presence on the web, offering your clients
up-to-date information and the necessary financial tools for their personal
or professional use.

ProSystem fx Site Builder uses a 12-step setup process that simplifies the
website creation process. Simply select the template from a variety of styles
and colors that best suits your firm’s needs. All selections can be previewed
prior to launch of the site. Once you choose a style, you can easily change
it if you wish. User domains are unique, File Share to exchange any type of
file with clients is included in the core package, and e-mail is available as
an extra option.

ProSystem fx Site Builder provides for a maximum number of 10 pages
and offers numerous default pages that can be utilized as is or customized to
suit your needs. Default pages include the Welcome Page (where you can enter
a personalized greeting to all new and current clients), the Firm Profile Page
(where you can enter detailed information about your firm’s philosophy
along with key employee profiles), and the Client Services Page (where you can
display the services that you currently offer). The Info Center Page provides
clients with easy access to items such as downloadable tax forms and relevant
publications, along with an events calendar.

The Newsletter Page features professionally written articles that change automatically
every month, thus providing an excellent reason for people to return to your
website on a regular basis. You can also add custom articles for immediate client

The Financial Tools Page allows your clients to easily access interactive
tools that provide answers to simple scenarios. You can choose the financial
tools you wish to appear on your site, and they are immediately made available.
The Internet Links Page allows you to provide your clients with links to useful
information found on various websites. You can also offer referral services.
The Contact Information Page lets you provide firm and staff contact information,
as well as detailed driving directions to your office.

CCH is a well known name in financial circles, and being able to provide your
clients with access to up-to-date information is one of the major benefits of
building your firm’s website using ProSystem fx Site Builder.
You can choose from various types of content such as CCH Premium Content, which
provides your clients with access to timely news briefs. Tax Alerts provide
your clients with the latest federal and state tax updates, and content can
be customized for any state. CCH also provides optional eContent add-ons that
offer more extensive content. The Calculators offer your clients the ability
to perform basic financial calculations and look to you for answers to more
complex questions.

Optional add-on products such as the CCH Tax Guide, the Business Owner’s
Toolkit, The Financial Planning Toolkit and the Client Life-Cycle Reading Rack
increases the amount of content and tools that you can provide your clients.

ProSystem fx Site Builder websites are professional in appearance
and give the impression of a custom-designed website, with custom logos and
other images throughout. ProSystem fx Site Builder is currently available
for $1,245 for the first year and renewable at $950 annually. Though a little
higher priced than some of the other site builders featured here, the quality
and availability of the content allows you to create a website that can provide
your current clients with the tools they need, while allowing you to offer a
wide variety of options to potential clients, as well. Numerous add-ons are
available for additional costs, such as a deluxe graphics package ($650), a
splash page ($135), additional storage for file sharing ($105 for 100MB), and