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BNA Software — BNA Sales & Use Tax Rates & Forms

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From the August 2005 Review of Sales & Use Tax Software

BNA Software offers a comprehensive sales & use tax application that can be employed in a variety of configurations. The company offers a comprehensive library of forms (approximately 2,000 signature-ready state, city, and local sales and use tax forms) as well as a complete look-up table of sales and use tax rates and related information for every U.S. taxing jurisdiction. The optional Rates File Generator exports sales and use tax rates for all state, county, city and combined rates and saves them in ASCII format for use in other systems. The program is available for stand-alone, single computer use or you can load it on your network. Subscribe to Rates and Forms with Rate File Generator, Rates and Forms only, Rates with Rate File Generator, Rates only, or Forms only. Cost starts at $895 for the single-user version. The company has just announced the availability of the web-based version, which has all the features of the CD version.

Navigation & Data Entry – 5 Stars
The local workstation
(or network) installed program operates seamlessly with a regularly updated CD-ROM. Creation of company profile information together with creating and saving forms is matter-of-fact, and it features the SAME program functionality as that which is employed in the STF SuperForm Tax Forms Library product (STF is a subsidiary of BNA). For those unfamiliar with the SuperForm interface, the navigation is through an easy-to-use Windows interface with drop-down menus and icon-populated toolbars that aid in navigation. The Rate Lookup Utility is provided in on-screen tables and features additional detailed information via a single mouse click.

Paper Filing, Electronic Compliance & Payment – 3 Stars
Paper filing of signature-ready approved forms on blank paper is a snap.
Comprehensive forms are available with support for Windows-compatible printers. Electronic compliance and payment are non-existent — an obvious void. However, in speaking with BNA Software subscribers, the lack of
support for electronic filing and payment was NOT an issue. It seems these subscribers knew the terrain was “non-electronic” when they subscribed. In fact, all raved concerning the ease of paper filing and the many special operational features of the program, such as the Typewriter feature that permits notation anywhere on a form.

Rate Updates – 5 Stars
BNA Software subscribers receive a monthly CD-ROM. You simply insert the CD-ROM in your computer, and the rest is automatic. A convenient “what’s new” section is available on every update.

Help/Training – 4.5 Stars
A full electronic user manual is provided on the CD-ROM, and easy-to-learn and -use tutorials are separated into the various areas of the program. As well, the company offers toll-free technical support, e-mail support and a first-rate web site with FAQs, updateable tax rates and more.

Relative Value – 4.5 Stars
BNA Sales & Use Tax Rates and Forms will appeal to the professional accountant in public practice, but the company noted that a large number of its customers are from the corporate side. Comprehensive forms and the Tax Rate Database — the real program strengths — will serve those preparers with clients who operate in multiple sales tax jurisdictions. Current users with whom I spoke were VERY pleased with the BNA Software product. One user stated, “As with other BNA products, it’s easy to use and we don’t have to worry about updating rates.” Another user added that it is “an excellent value, and we are very pleased.”

2005 Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars