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Sage Software — DacEasy

From the Oct. 2008 Review of
Point of Sale Systems

DacEasy by Sage offers an affordable Point of Sale module designed for small
to mid-sized retailers. The Point of Sale module can be used as a stand-alone
product or integrated with the accounting module (for an additional cost) for
complete front/back office functionality.

EASE OF USE – 5 Stars
The main screen of DacEasy by Sage utilizes the Business Center, which contains
a drop-down menu bar at the top, with a modules menu bar directly to the right.
The toolbar, directly below, contains access to frequently used product functions.
Upon logging into the system, the sample company profile can be utilized to
gain familiarity with the system or the business can set up its own company
profile, which will need to be done prior to using the register.

DacEasy’s register screen can be accessed by clicking on the POS module
on the drop-down menu. After choosing Sales Register, a login screen will appear
where users can choose the register number, the date and code, if applicable.
The Sales entry screen will automatically assign a receipt number to each transaction
processed. To the right of the sales entry screen is a series of options that
can be utilized when entering a sale, including a transaction lookup, add, layaway,
go to, and delete.

A drop-down options field contains various system options that are available,
including split tender, refund and re-issue, a cash in/cash out option, and
an area to enter customer quotes. Customer, items and sales data can all be
entered on the fly, and a lookup option allows users to quickly find the data
already in the system. Discount percentages can be added when processing sales

DacEasy by Sage is a modular system, with all modules available separately.
Along with the Point of Sale module, DacEasy also offers Accounting, Payroll
and Order Entry modules. Crystal Reports is available and can be used in conjunction
with the Business Center for custom reporting. While DacEasy Point of Sale works
well in stand-alone mode, a business will likely prefer to use the POS module
in conjunction with DacEasy’s Accounting module, which contains full GL,
AP, AR, Purchase Order and Inventory functionality.

DacEasy’s latest version (16) contains numerous system enhancements,
including a more expanded product code length for improved product description.
In this latest version, DacEasy has also added more than 50 additional import
fields, allowing for import of even more customer, product and vendor data from
third-party applications. The tax processing capability is also improved, now
with the ability to assign tax rates to specific items, which allows differing
rates depending on the product or service offered.

The DacEasy Business Center Instant Reports have also been enhanced and now
feature additional drilldown capability throughout. The new Dashboard feature
in the Business Center gives a quick up-to-date view of various performance
indicators for your business. Through the years, DacEasy has continued to maintain
its user-friendly interface, which conveniently allows users to enter all necessary
information from one main entry screen. A fully customizable sales register
interface allows for the creation of an entry screen with which the business
is comfortable.

The File Import Dialog Box allows for the import of ASCII data directly into
DacEasy. Mentioned earlier, Version 16 of DacEasy contains a substantial increase
in import fields that can be utilized. The Export Sale Transactions dialog box
can be used to export point-of-sale transactions such as refunds, payments,
sales receipts and cash in/out transactions.

DacEasy by Sage also works with standard point-of-sale hardware such as barcode
readers, receipt printers, magnetic card readers and cash drawers. Optional
third-party applications are also available that integrate with DacEasy and
provide credit card processing and direct deposit services.

DacEasy by Sage offers good reporting capabilities with standard sales reporting
in addition to specialized reports such as a Layaway Directory, Layaway Alert
and a Product Activity report. Also available is a Register Reconciliation report
and the standard Sales Register. Managers can run the Audit Trail Log to track
any information processed in the system. Limited tracking capability is available
in DacEasy, making it more difficult to track customer purchasing habits and
buying history. All reports can be easily exported to Excel, saved as a PDF
file or published in HTML. Reports can also be e-mailed to recipients directly
from the screen.

Point of Sale from DacEasy by Sage is currently available for $499 for a single
user. Add-on modules are available at the same price. This is an excellent entry-level
product for smaller retailers. While not suitable for high transaction retailers,
it would certainly serve specialty stores well.

2008 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars