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Intacct Corporation — Intacct Plus


From the Sept. 2008 Review
of Mid-Range Accounting Systems

Intacct Plus is a web-based mid-range accounting product geared towards businesses
with multiple locations or franchises. A more basic version is also available
for smaller companies. The latest version of Intacct, launched in spring 2008,
offers additional applications and enhanced features.

Ease of Use/Transaction Entry – 5 Stars
The Intacct Dashboard appears on-screen immediately after login. Completely
customizable, the Dashboard now allows users to add links to third-party applications
or other financial resources. As well, Dashboards can contain relevant information
that can be deployed throughout the company such as new product information,
sales goals, and even links to financial newsletters and other publications.

New users will find themselves easily navigating through the program in a
matter of hours. All available applications are accessible from the drop-down
menu found at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Each application page
contains a flowchart type menu called workflows that provides access to all
features found within that module, along with the related reporting options.
Function tabs at the top of all data-entry screens allow you to access functions
found in three categories: Activities, Records and Reports. All data display
screens are fully customizable allowing for the elimination of clutter and keeping
what the user needs to help speed the data-entry process.

Modules & Notable Features – 5 Stars
Intacct Enterprise offers Cash Management, GL, AP, AR, Inventory Control, Order
Entry, Purchase Order, Revenue Management, Employee Expenses, Multi-Currency,
Multi-Entity and Customization Services. Also available is the Professional
Service Automation module, which includes features such as Time & Billing;
Project Tracking; Client Expenses, Contracts and Revenue Management; and Inventory

With its spring 2008 release, Intacct has added numerous system enhancements
and features, including Contract Renewals Automation, which allows those providing
service contracts to schedule renewal dates and other related activities. Also
new is QuickStart Financials, which provides new users with a prepackaged group
of templates and reports, and allows companies to be up and running even more
quickly than before.

For those worried about security, Intacct provides peace of mind with additional
data security features such as the ability to restrict system access to specific
IP addresses. Specific modules and module views can also be restricted if necessary.

Multi-entity capabilities make Intacct an excellent choice for those with multiple
locations, allowing companies to easily enter and process information for multiple
locations as easily as if for one, with simple consolidation for corporate and
partner-level reporting.

Integration/Import/Export – 5 Stars
Intacct modules all integrate seamlessly to provide a complete financial solution.
The product also integrates with other third-party applications such as ADP
and CompuPay. Complete integration with allows for the tracking
of all sales opportunities, converting data directly into customer orders in

Data can be easily imported from third-party applications such as QuickBooks
using the *.CSV upload templates. Intacct also provides integrated credit card
processing with both PayPal and Complete interfacing with third
-party applications is also available through Intacct’s Service Oriented
Architecture XML Gateway, a feature that allows Intacct users the ability to
use the products that they need.

Reporting – 5 Stars
Intacct provides a decent level of reporting capability. The Report Wizard guides
users through the report creation process to build the desired reports. All
reports can be exported to a variety of file formats including Word, Excel,
*.CSV, HTML and PDF. A variety of reports can be scheduled to print at a specific
time and then be e-mailed to recipients after processing. All reports contain
top-notch drilldown capabilities so supporting documentation can be accessed
at any level.

Intacct also offers a good variety of non-financial reports, as well, including
back-end statistical reports that pinpoint essential business performance to
key employees. The addition of QuickStart Financials provides users with quality
standard reports that can be processed immediately and then built upon as the
business grows.

Support/Training/Help – 5 Stars
All users receive web-based, live chat and telephone support at no additional
cost. Recently, the vendor began offering disaster recovery through SunGard,
guaranteeing application restoration within 24 hours of a major disaster. Training
options include QuickStart Training for those looking to get up and running
quickly, along with web-based training.

Relative Value – 5 Stars
The complete Intacct financial solution starts at around $600 per month, with
an additional cost of $150 per user. With excellent customization capabilities
and a very slight learning curve, Intacct Plus is an excellent product well
suited for multi-entity environments where flexibility is a must. Though not
inexpensive, Intacct requires nothing but a high-speed Internet connection to
be up and running almost immediately.

2008 Overall Rating: 5 Stars