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CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business — CorpSystem Sales Tax Online

From the August 2008 Review of
Sales & Use Tax

CorpSystem Sales Tax Online is the newly branded sales tax compliance system
from CCH, a comprehensive, single-business program. As a “live”
sales tax calculation application, the system provides direct integration with
a business’ financial applications for automated on-the-fly determination
and calculation of applicable sales tax at the time of sale. It supports end
of period liability reporting by jurisdiction and integrates to the Sales Tax
Returns Online application for the generation of signature-ready returns. The
system automatically computes taxes and prepares necessary reporting output.
It maintains current tax tables for all jurisdictions in the United States and
Canada and integrates these into the business’ ERP and also offers manual
lookup capabilities. Pricing for CorpSystem Sales Tax Online and Sales Tax Returns
Online is based upon transaction quantity, starting around $1,500 per year.
CCH also offers various related add-ons and stand-alones, such as the ZIPsales
Lookup utility.

Navigation & Data Entry — 5 Stars
One of the key features of Sales Tax Online is that it automatically replaces
the limited tax calculation functionality of the business’ sales and accounting
modules while providing the same tax transaction details required for internal
accounting needs. It then produces monthly, quarterly, annual or other jurisdictional
reports as required. This results in a mostly hands-off system since data entry
and calculations are automatically performed and sales tax forms, schedules
and worksheets are automatically populated via Sales Tax Returns Online. Prior
to generating the final returns, however, Sales Tax Returns Online includes
review processes that enable authorized users to override data or otherwise
make manual changes. Banking functions can also be accessed so management can
change accounts or perform other tasks.

Although it is tied into the business’ financial and sales programs,
Sales Tax Online and Sales Tax Returns Online are actually web-based, with data
pulled from the business’ programs for reporting, and tax tables pushed
from the web-based database to these systems. This allows secure access to reporting
and review functions from any location. The system supports all tax types for
all jurisdictions, including embedded and special rates, and provides options
for calculating discounts and penalties. All returns and tax data are archived,
and an audit trail feature tracks all changes. Forms and reports can be output
to PDF format.

Filing, Electronic Compliance & Payment — 5 Stars
Since the program automatically performs most of the preparation work required
for compliance reporting to all jurisdictions, users simply need to review and
print signature-ready returns, cut a check and mail. The program tracks all
due dates and provides full access to filing instructions, notifying appropriate
users when returns have been prepared for tax periods. Sales Tax Returns Online
also has options for electronic filing and electronic funds remittance to those
jurisdictions that support such.

Rate Updates — 5 Stars
All rate tables in the web-based system are automatically updated by CCH, with
no action required by end users.

Help/Training — 5 Stars
Most of the complexity in Sales Tax Online is in its initial installation and
mapping of GL accounts and integration with sales systems. CCH provides extensive
support during this process. Actual usage is quite simple, with the program
reminding users of deadlines and preparing the forms. A traditional Help feature
and tutorials are available, along with access to the vendor’s support
website. CCH includes free support and offers several training options.

Relative Value — 4.5 Stars
As an integrated ‘live’ component of a business’ financial
management systems, Sales Tax Online and Sales Tax Returns Online automate all
of the processes involved with transaction tax reporting. The comprehensive
system offers good reporting and managerial processes, and supports all U.S.
and Canadian jurisdictions. It is ideally suited for businesses with high transaction
loads and reporting requirements to many jurisdictions.

2008 Overall Rating: 5 Stars