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Do You Have Any Change?

>“Nobody likes change except a wet baby!” I’m not really sure where or when I first heard this witty little saying, but it is definitely one of my favorites.

From the April/May 2008 Issue

“Nobody likes change except a wet baby!” I’m not really sure
where or when I first heard this witty little saying, but it is definitely one
of my favorites. Every person on my team here at the magazine has heard it at
least 100 times over the past 12 years. And it usually precedes a conversation
where we will be discussing new initiatives that are going to require new skills,
new ideas and new processes.

The only constant really is change. And in order for a practice or business
to be successful today, it will have to embrace change rather than endure it.
Continue to be a student, and challenge yourself personally and professionally
every year to learn something new. Challenge your staff and your peers to improve
on current processes, and be on the lookout for the next technology tool that
might help you do more with the hours in your day.

It’s time NOW to plan, strategize and prepare for next year. On his
column, Randy advises that you take
the time now to have a debriefing session about this past busy season. If you’re
considering a new tax system, now’s the time to make the change. Be sure
to read our annual review of tax prep
suites and specialty tools
. NEW this year (yes, a change for us) is the
opportunity to gain additional insight into the products by listening to the
bonus podcast interviews available at

So many factors contribute to the success of a tax and accounting practice,
not the least being your expertise and having motivated and dedicated professional
staff. But the technology you use in all areas of your business is vital —
even the best professionals are enhanced by software, hardware and services
that streamline their workflow.

So how do you find the right solutions? You can start by taking the Productivity
Survey at
and then try our new Document Management Selector Tool at
Then, check out our special 2008
Who’s Who
section to find technology vendors who can give
you the tools you need in order to work smarter, not harder.

While you’re in the mindset of embracing change and being on the lookout
for innovative and new technologies, several of our columnists provide some
insight. Roman and Brent
both share about their experiences at the Consumer Electronics Show, which was
held earlier this year in Las Vegas, as they had the opportunity to explore
new technologies they believe will positively benefit the profession. Meanwhile,
Greg writes about new innovations
in security and why it’s important for practicing public accountants to
be educated about the new green bar certification.

Keeping up with changes in technologies keeps your practice competitive, and
you can help your clients do the same. As Lisa notes
in her column
, sticking with a system just because “it ain’t
broken” could mean you or your clients are at a competitive disadvantage
when it comes to productivity, efficiency and client service. If you have clients
who are contractors or construction professionals, be sure to check out the
review of accounting systems for those
to see how those clients (and you) can benefit from a system
designed specifically for the workflow of such businesses.

“The only constant is change,” and if you’re not embracing
and adopting innovative technologies, you’re losing ground to your competitors
both in terms of your productivity and the quality of service you provide your