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Serenic Corporation — Serenic Navigator

From the Oct. 2007 Review of NFP
Accounting Systems

Serenic Navigator from Serenic Corporation is a fully integrated financial
and business operations software product primarily designed for larger nonprofit
organizations, international NGOs and the public sector.

Serenic Navigator is certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision.)
Because of the unique structure of NAV, Serenic Navigator can offer a complete,
comprehensive software solution, including both fund and financial accounting,
as well as grant, donor and investment management capability.

With all of its advanced technology, Serenic Navigator has maintained a surprisingly
easy-to-use user interface. The main navigational screen contains a standard
drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Categories, rather than modules, are
listed on the left of the screen. Clicking on a category brings up the modules
within that category. Clicking on a module will display the main menu for that
module in the center of the screen. The structure of the main menu uses a common
sense approach and allows even new users the ability to confidently navigate
through the system without extensive, time-consuming training. Extensive customization
capability is evident throughout. The Object Designer can be utilized to create
unlimited custom fields, which can then simply be placed on the appropriate
screens or reports.

The Serenic Navigator extended product suite includes AwardVision, DonorVision,
MinistryView and CommunityCare. The complete product offering includes more
than 30 separate modules, some of which include the following: GL, AP, AR, Payroll,
Multi-Currency, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Serenic DonorVision, Serenic Community
Care, Serenic MinistryView, Serenic AwardVision, Budget Planning and Control,
Advanced Allocations, Human Resources, Bank Management, Multiple Languages,
and Microsoft Excel Report Writer modules. Serenic Navigator also offers various
portals, including a Purchase Requisition Portal, Approval Processing Portal,
Expense Entry Portal, Employee Information Portal, and the Employee Directory
Portal. Designed to cut down on immense levels of paperwork often associated
with the running of a nonprofit, Serenic Navigator allows users to assign business
rules, monitor event transactions, and establish budget control rules for easy
electronic approval of expenses.

The program also utilizes both Internet and e-mail functionality with the
use of web portals for remote entry of data, along with the ability to set up
automatic e-mail notification to all interested personnel on relevant fund activity.
Serenic Navigator is module-driven, with the ability to add modules as needed.

Serenic Navigator contains numerous enhancements and updates, most notably the
inclusion of the existing Grant Management application in Serenic AwardVision,
which is a comprehensive system designed to efficiently track and manage the
entire lifecycle of awarded funding and grants. The Grant Management function
allows users to track grant rules and sponsors, award notifications, grant matching,
gifts in kind, and also contains complete budgeting capability. AwardVision
also tracks milestones and modifications, as well as the contract, award or
grant document, thereby providing one repository for the financial and administrative
tasks assigned to the grant process.
Version 5.0 now offers improved integration with Microsoft products using Outlook
Synchronization. Serenic Navigator 5.0 also contains better payroll functionality
with the addition of a “create employee wizard.” Online Help options
have also been improved.

The account number structure utilizes up to 120 alpha-numeric characters and
up to 10 account segments. Encumbrances can be estimated in either current or
future accounting periods, and the budget checking process allows for tracking
expenditures to ensure that established budgets are not exceeded.

Serenic Navigator also allows Inter-fund processing for easier processing
of common expenses. The DonorVision module is a must for those who depend on
fundraising. DonorVision records vital fundraising information such as letters
mailed, relevant photos, phone logs, pledges, donations, complete contact information
and any personal notes. Serenic Navigator also easily allocates revenue and
expenses across multiple departments or projects. Drill-down capabilities exist
throughout, with the capability to access the originating document if necessary.

The program processes required reports such as FASB 116 and 117, along with
specialized reports such as Accounting for Restrictions, Accounting for Encumbrances,
and Accounting for Commitments. Cross-fiscal year reports can be created, and
users can easily export data to Jet Reports for more extensive reporting. Jet
Report’s drill-around technology provides the ability to pull information
from any module within the Serenic Navigator product suite. This information
can then be imported directly into Microsoft Excel. Reports can also be sent
directly through e-mail. Navigator can also be used with Microsoft’s SQL
Reporting Services as well as various ODBC-compliant reporting tools such as
Crystal Reports.

Serenic offers 24-hour online support with telephone support available during
regular business hours. The product contains excellent Help functionality, and
online Help can assist with frequently asked questions. Additional support contracts
are available and vary in cost.

With over 30 modules, Serenic Navigator offers larger nonprofits, international
NGOs, and the public sector all of the tools needed to maintain vital records
and enables vital personnel to be pro-active in handling their organization.
Pricing starts at $3,000 per concurrent user and includes base modules. For
nonprofits where accuracy, customization capability and detail are a necessity,
Serenic Navigator simply cannot be beat.

2007 Overall Rating: 5 Stars