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Micronetics — Xpert Write-Up for Windows


From the Nov. 2007 Review of Write-Up Systems

Micronetics offers two core products in its Xpert family of software: The Xpert Financials system, which provides business bookkeeping for small and mid-sized businesses, and the Xpert Write-Up system. Xpert Write-Up supports any number of clients and subsidiary entities, providing multi-level preparation of client business financial statements, GL and journals management, bank reconciliation, after-the-fact payroll, and W-2 1099 laser processing. Optional modules for receivables, payables, inventory and sales orders are available through the Financials small business program. Integration between the two systems allows data to flow from the various business accounting modules into the write-up system. Pricing for Xpert Write-Up traditionally starts at $1,495 but is currently discounted at the annual renewal price of $495. Additional users are $99 per seat.

Xpert Write-Up opens to a crisp primary interface that provides pull-down menus and an icon-based toolbar that offer access to the system’s primary features. Forward and back navigation buttons also provide for simple navigation. The program’s client company selection list offers an intuitive centralized point of access to client data, allowing sorting and filtering of companies. Security options allow for passwords at the client level.

The write-up and business accounting systems share a master menu, called the Application List, which provides access to the each of the system’s key modules, including AR, AP, GL, Inventory, Sales Order Processing, Payroll, Sales Analysis, Bank Reconciliation, Setup, Utilities, Network Options and Write-Up. Selection of any of these modules (if installed), brings up a tabbed subwindow menu for that task. The Write-Up module, for instance, includes tabs for Journal Entries, Reports, Financials, Setup, Listings, Year-End, Utilities, ATF Payroll and Custom Reporting. Each of these tabs provides further options for specific tasks, and the system displays the current period and fiscal year end at the bottom of the screen.

Posting of journal transactions and other data-entry tasks are straightforward, allowing heads-down use for speedy input and allowing batch posting and editing or unposting of existing journal entries, if an authorized user, with an audit trail that records all changes. The system displays multiple transactions during journal-entry tasks, allowing users to quickly have an overview. Xpert can handle up to 9,999 supporting schedules per company, with company historical data reportable for four years. Customization options allow for the creation of up to 999 user-defined journals. Since the program allows transactions to be entered by payee, it also helps relieve the chore of memorizing account numbers.

Xpert provides good reporting functions and customization, enabling creation of financials for subsidiaries, departments or geographical subdivisions, as well as consolidated summary and detailed financial statements. Comparative and divisional reporting options are also available. Users can utilize preformatted report templates or can customize their own templates to be used for multiple clients. Financials do not offer drilldown functions. The system utilizes FinePrint, a third-party printing utility, for generation and customization of reports and financials. Compilation letters can be produced through integration with Microsoft Word and exports into Excel for data manipulation and creation of charts and graphs.

Xpert Write-Up offers total integration with its sibling in-house business accounting package, allowing easy import of client data from the program. The system also offers utilities for importing transactional data from QuickBooks, Quicken and programs that can export into ASCII format. As noted above, Xpert also offers integration with Excel for data analysis, and with Word for creation of compilation letters. A trial balance interface is available for 1120 and 1065 clients.

The company provides detailed user manuals, and the system includes a traditional, built-in Windows-based Help function. Additionally, various program tutorials are included on the installation CD, which also includes sample charts. The online support center has program updates, but offers no self-service tools like FAQs. Rather, it provides only a form to request a callback. Support is included with the annual renewal costs.

Xpert Write-Up offers professional accountants strong control features over write-up processes, including customized financials and budget reports, advanced GL and journal options, and a full audit trail. The program offers thorough integration with the company’s client bookkeeping product, but also allows import of data from most other accounting programs and facilitates outbound trial balance data flow into the major tax preparation systems, which makes it a capable stand-alone write-up solution.

2007 Overall Rating: 4 Stars