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Kintera, Inc. — Kintera FundWare

From the Oct. 2007 Review of NFP
Accounting Systems

For over 30 years, FundWare has provided nonprofit organizations, schools and
government entities with a quality accounting and financial solution. Kintera
Inc. has increased FundWare’s visibility, ensuring its place as a major
player in this crowded field.

FundWare’s main user interface consists of a standard drop-down menu that
provides access to various system functions. Installed modules are listed on
the left side of the screen, expanding in ‘Explorer’ fashion once
an option is chosen. Program navigation is easy, with data-entry screens arranged
logically and lookup capability found throughout all of the modules.

The account builder feature lets users create numerous account number structures.
Users can choose the data-entry method they are most comfortable with —
utilizing a mouse, using the keypad or a combination of both. All modules have
a customizable dashboard that displays activities found within that module,
along with task reminders and reports available within each module. Data entry
is boosted by “smart” boxes, which retain prior entry data and will
fill in boxes accordingly. Drilldown capability is excellent, with the ability
to access originating transaction detail from all screens.

FundWare offers the following modules: GL, AP, AR, Advanced Financial Reporting,
Allocation Management. Bank Reconciliation, Project/Grant, Cash Receipts, Budget
Preparation, Fixed Assets, FundWare Connect, Payroll, Report Manager, Web Reporter,
Advanced Security, Electronic Time-sheets, F9 Financial Report Writer, Advanced
Printer Control, and Advanced Security.

Industry-specific solutions are also offered for a variety of entities including
Educational Facilities, Faith-Based Organizations, Government, Healthcare, Human
& Social Services, and Foundations. Available add-ons include Spectrum Human
Resources Software and Verian Procurement Software. Kintera also offers additional
products that are designed to work in conjunction with FundWare.

Using the Dashboard feature, FundWare can be completely customized for each
system user. Excellent audit trail functionality allows management to view system
information, including all data entered, changes and deletions, the date processed,
and the system user. FundWare can easily handle all types of allocations, including
indirect cost, percentage, flexible, and multi-step. Investment revenue can
be automatically distributed to shares, funds, or donors as determined by formulas
that you create. The Project/Grant module tracks all recorded projects and grants
along with any organizational investments. The Budget Preparation module allows
multiple budget periods, including multiple fiscal years. Budget controls in
the AP module will alert you if budgeted amounts are exceeded. The AP module
also allows you to expense multiple funds and costing centers from one invoice.
The Cash Receipts module can be used as a stand-alone module or integrated with
FundWare’s AR module for processing outstanding receivables. AP, AR and
Cash Receipts transactions can be posted individually or in large groups using
the batch system.

FundWare comes with more than 60 pre-defined financial reports. The Report Manager
module offers report templates that will allow for the creation of additional
customized reports (including columnar reports) to suit your organization’s
needs. The Advanced Financial Reporting module provides in-depth column and
row definition. Reports can be produced in multiple formats, including Rich
Text, Comma Delimited/*.CSV or Unformatted Text.

The Advanced Print Control module allows for MICR check printing and provides
pre-defined form templates and unlimited form definition. You can also add logos
and other graphics to any form found or created in the system. The F9 Financial
Reporting module allows you to link the financial data to Excel, enabling spreadsheets
to be updated in real-time by pressing the F9 key.

Kintera FundWare offers two levels of customer support: premier or regular customer
support. Both programs provide technical support, access to an online database
and access to a Technical Account Manager. The premier level of support also
offers quarterly reporting and system review, pre-release of product briefings
and semi-annual ‘healthchecks.’ FundWare also offers customized
support solutions for organizations that may need additional benefits such as
extended support hours, on-site support or specialty training. Training options
include regional classroom training, eClasses, a Payroll Bootcamp, and custom
training onsite.

Kintera FundWare is a top-notch product that offers a solid selection of modules
to nonprofits of all types. It provides the flexibility to choose the modules
needed with the ability to add additional modules at any time. FundWare offers
a flexible pricing strategy, with various specialty packages available for Educational
Foundations, Human Services Organizations, Mental Health Organizations, and
Native American Organizations. FundWare modules range in price from $1,295 to
$3,995. Designed for medium to large nonprofit organizations, FundWare is an
excellent choice for those needing flexibility and scalability.

2007 Overall Rating: 5 Stars