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Sage Software, Inc. — Sage Accpac 200 ERP 5.4


From the Sept. 2007 Review of Mid-Range Accounting Systems

Designed for small to mid-sized companies looking for the flexibility normally found in more complex and expensive systems, Sage Accpac 200 ERP provides flexible product deployment options, good customization, and the ability to purchase only the modules needed up front, and add the rest later.

Ease of Use/Transaction Entry — 5 Stars
Installation of Sage Accpac 200 ERP typically requires the assistance of a certified consultant. Once installation is complete, it’s easy for users to set up the product to suit their particular needs. Web access, databases, company profiles, and activating the installed applications are just some of the things that will need to be done prior to using Sage Accpac 200 ERP.

The Common Desktop feature provides access to Sage applications, files and web pages. It’s fully customizable so groups can be created, a home page selected and frequently used functions organized into the “My Tasks” panel for easy access. Optional fields can be added to data-entry and entity definition screens throughout the application, and the Quick Mode saves time if entering similar transactions by copying data from chosen fields to populate the next entries made.

The Setup Wizard guides users through an all-inclusive series of screens where they can enter setup data for all installed modules. The Explorer-style user interface makes system navigation easy, and the customizable toolbar and drop-down menus at the top of the screen provide easy access to all program functions.

Modules & Notable Features — 5 Stars
Newly available in version 5.4 is the RMA (Return Material Authorizations) module, which can process multiple invoices on one return authorization. Templates can be used for quicker data entry, and RMA numbers are automatically assigned. Other modules available include GL, AR, AP, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Order, Project and Job Costing, U.S. and Canadian Payroll, Multicurrency, Transaction Analysis and Optional Field Creator, National Accounts Management, GL Security, GL Consolidations, Intercompany Transactions, a Process Server module, and the required System Manager. Aside from the System Manager module, all other modules can be purchased on an “as needed” basis. Dozens of optional modules are also available in addition to those mentioned above.

Because Sage Accpac 200 ERP can be deployed using a variety of methods, (desktop, web browser or Sage Accpac hosted at www.sageaccpac, it can find a place in any type of environment. Also new in Version 5.4 is the ability to record encrypted credit card information from customers. Payments can also be posted using a variety of currencies, and users can view year-to-date history for vendors, set up multi-level bill of materials and price inventory items on a variety of criteria, including weight, unit of measure or cost.

Integration/Import/Export — 5 Stars
Sage Accpac 200 ERP can be operated on a wide variety of database platforms, including Pervasive SQL and Microsoft SQL Server, along with IBM DB2, and Oracle. It can also be run on either the Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. Industry-specific solutions for e-Commerce, Human Resources, Point of Sale, and CRM all integrate with Sage Accpac ERP’s modules. Import and export capability is also excellent, with the ability to export to Excel, Word, PDF, *.CSV, HTML and ODBC file formats. The vendor also provides a useful chart on its website that details the integration levels between various products and modules. Sage Accpac is available in three versions: Sage Accpac 100 ERP, 200 ERP and 500 ERP. Screens are consistent throughout all three versions, so upgrading is a painless procedure.

Reporting — 5 Stars
Each module offers an excellent selection of standard reports that can be customized to suit the user’s needs. Reports can be easily exported to a variety of formats including Excel, Word, HTML and XML formats. Customer statements, invoices and other correspondence can also be e-mailed as needed. Sage Accpac Insight is an enterprise-level reporting and budgeting application available for use with Sage Accpac ERP that allows users to create charts and graphs, budget variance reports, sales analysis reports and custom-designed spreadsheets.

Support/Training/Help System — 5 Stars
Unlimited product support is available for a flat fee. Telephone support is available during regular business hours. The Software Assurance Plan is a maintenance plan that provides product upgrades and service packs, access to the 24/7 Knowledgebase and a 25 percent discount on Anytime Learning bundles. It will run 18 percent of the software cost. Classroom, online and on-site training is available. Excellent user manuals are included in PDF format for download, as are Getting Started files and an excellent Help system.

Relative Value — 5 Stars
Sage Accpac 200 ERP is an excellent product for companies that have outgrown their current software. The scalability of Sage Accpac with its three versions means that an investment in the product today will easily pay for itself over time. Cost of Sage Accpac 200 ERP 5.4 is $1,250 per user for the System Manager and LanPak (applies to all databases), and $1,000 each for GL, AP, AR, OE, Inventory Control and Payroll modules. Pricing for a complete single-user system starts at around $10,000.

2007 Overall Rating: 5 Stars