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Intacct Corporation — Intacct Enterprise


From the Sept. 2007 Review of Mid-Range Accounting Systems

Intacct Enterprise is an on-demand financial software product offered by Intacct Corporation. Geared more towards mid-sized businesses with multiple locations or franchises, Intacct also offers Intacct Xpress and Intacct Small Business for smaller companies with less stringent needs. Accessible via a web browser, Intacct provides secure access to a business’ data at the user’s convenience.

Ease of Use/Transaction Entry — 4.5 Stars
After logging into Intacct, the screen will display a Dashboard, which is completely customizable and allows for the display of data according to the user’s preference. Dashboards also contain links to all accessible modules, messages and reminders, a calendar, and any new features or items that can be found in the system as well as items from external applications and websites. Dashboards can be
created for users, roles or companies, and a user may have access to multiple dashboards.

Each accessible application has a flowchart on its main page. The flowchart displays the various functions available within that module. Tabs at the top of each data-entry screen provide access to Activities, Records and Reports. To the right is an Applications button that will go to another module. All data-entry screens have drilldown picklists; the ability to add customers, vendors or items on the fly; as well as the ability to highlight all necessary data fields in red. Clicking next to the Debit or Credit fields will pull up a calculator.

Intacct provides users with extra-ordinary customization capability. Application shortcuts can be created, and templates can be utilized. Intacct handles initial system configuration and then instructs users on how to update the system in the future. Even new users will be navigating through the product quickly. And customized user interface screens allow users to only see what they have access to.

Modules & Notable Features — 5 Stars
Intacct Enterprise offers Cash Management, GL, AP, AR, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Order, Revenue Recognition, Employee Expenses, and Customization Services. Also included is the multi-company management capability. The optional Professional Services Automation module includes Client Expenses, Time & Billing, and Project Tracking. Intacct Express and Intacct Small Business offer scaled down availability of these modules.

Some of the standout functions found in Intacct include the ability to process and approve invoices electronically. Users can also assign a priority level to invoices or place them on hold. Transactions can be entered in real time, but a batch system can also be utilized for large numbers of transactions.

The interactive payment selection screen allows for the adjustment of payment amounts prior to processing, the selection of which bank to use, any discounts to add, and any available credits that need to be applied. Revenue recognition can be automated, and automation rules can be customized to suit the company’s needs. The company consolidation capability makes Intacct an excellent solution for companies with multiple locations, franchises or entities.

Integration/Import/Export — 4.5
Along with complete integration among all of the applications, Intacct also integrates with, ADP and CompuPay. is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution. ADP and CompuPay are leading payroll solution providers. Data can be imported from QuickBooks or from a variety of other accounting products by using the
*.CSV upload templates that can be used to copy any data that a user wishes to upload. The Company Setup Checklist is a great tool that allows for the tracking of data. Intacct will also allow users to interface with third-party applications by using its XML Gateway, which enables integration with diverse applications on platforms including .NET or IBM WebSphere.

Reporting — 4.5 Stars
Intacct offers a good selection of reports, and the Report Wizard guides users through the custom report creation process, allowing for reports as complex and multi-layered as needed. Font settings, logos and custom colors can also be used to create professionally prepared reports. All reports can be viewed, printed and processed offline. Reports can also be exported to Excel, Word, *.CSV or text files, or they can be converted to HTML and PDF files.

Reports can be scheduled in advance and e-mailed to various recipients by simply adding their e-mail address. As well, two Ad Hoc report writers are available: one strictly for financial reports and one that can pull data from any application. Intacct reports also feature drilldown capability with access to supporting documentation from any report.

Support/Training/Help System — 4.5 Stars
E-mail, phone and live chat product support is included in the monthly subscription fee. Premium support options for extended hours are available for an additional cost. Training options are numerous, with excellent user guides and tutorials available online. Live, online training is included at no charge from Intacct. Other training options include quick-start and refresher training. Access to the Help function is available throughout the product from every screen.

Relative Value — 4.5 Stars
Intacct Enterprise is an excellent product that provides extreme flexibility and customization. While suitable for very small to very large businesses, Intacct would truly shine in
a multi-location environment that requires a great deal of flexibility. A current subscription to Intacct Enterprise is as low as $125 (or “ranges from $125 to $500”) per user per month.

2007 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars